9/10/2003 Somewhere In Time Books Inventory
List of Books by Author and Titles
Author Title Price
============================== =================================== ==========
The American Bibliopolist 1873. $85.00
The American Bibliopolist. 1873. $85.00
The American Review.( Formerly The $125.00
Aristophanes: The Eleven Comedies. $75.00
The Art Of Ancient Egypt. $50.00
Art In Our Time. $20.00
The Bloodstock Breeders Review. Vol $35.00
The Bulb Buyers Guide. $25.00
Captain Lightfoot: Last of The New $35.00
Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin. Zur Wie $45.00
Dieschone Heimat:  Bilderaus Deutsc $30.00
Dutch Treat Club Annual. 1926. $75.00
Emerald And Ermine: A Tale Of The A $40.00
Encyclopedia Britannica. First Edit $125.00
Fascist Era. Year  XV. $45.00
Fascist Era. Year  XVll $45.00
Federal Writers Project. New York C $45.00
The Harvard Lectures. Series XLII $30.00
The Harvard Wake 5.  e.e.Cummings I $35.00
Heroes Of The R.A.F. $10.00
History of Alleghany County 1806 - $500.00
Hound & Horn. April-June 1932. $25.00
The Hound and The Horn. A Harvard M $20.00
The Hudson Review. Vol.1 # 1 thru V $100.00
The Hudson Review. Vol. 2 # 4. Wint $20.00
The Hudson Review. Vol. 2 # 3. Autu $25.00
The Hudson Review. Vol. 2 # 2. Summ $15.00
The Hudson Review. Vol. 2 # 1. Spri $20.00
The Hudson Review. Vol. 3 # 1. Spri $25.00
The Hudson Review. Vol.3 # 2. Summe $25.00
Illustrated History Of Allegany Cou $375.00
The Independence Square Neighborhoo $15.00
Jessica's First Prayer. $15.00
The Knapp Supply Company. Catolog # $25.00
Lands And Peoples. The World in Col $25.00
Lennon Remembers: The Rolling Stone $25.00
Little Red Riding Hood. Pop Up Book $300.00
The Magicians Own Book or The Whole $450.00
A Manual Of Style With Specimens Of $25.00
Martha Washington's Letter. $100.00
Massachusetts. A Guide To The Place $75.00
More E.K. Means. $30.00
New Directions # 15. In Prose And P $45.00
New Russia's Primer.The Story Of Th $45.00
In Old New York: $50.00
The Pacific Northwest and Alaska. ( $20.00
The Partisan Review. $20.00
The Partisan Review. $15.00
The Partisan Review . Spring , 1939 $25.00
Philip Trager Photographs of Archit $75.00
Poesies De Charles D'Orleans. Dessi $20.00
Practical Guide to Homoeopathy For $45.00
A Red Triangle Girl In France. $15.00
Sargent: Paintings , Drawings , Wat $75.00
Sister Mary's Animal Stories $175.00
Some Poems And A Devotion of John D $15.00
Thoroughbred Broodmare Records. 196 $40.00
Thoroughbred  Broodmare Records.  1 $40.00
Thoroughbred Broodmare Records.  19 $40.00
Thoroughbred Broodmare Records. 196 $40.00
The Travels Of Sir John Mandeville. $20.00
The Trial of Elizabeth Duchess Dowa $1,250.00
The Trip of The Stamer Oceanus to F $125.00
Twelfth Annual Edition Of The Print $50.00
Two Hundred & Seventy Five Years Of $85.00
Vermont. A Guide To The Green Mount $45.00
World's Fair Through A Camera. by A $35.00
Aberconway, Christabel A Dictionary  For cat Lovers : xvce $85.00
Abrahams , Peter. A Wreath For Udomo. $35.00
Abrahams , Peter. A Wreath For Udomo. $35.00
Adams, Charlotte. The Four Seasons Cookbook. $15.00
Adams, F.P. The Second Conning Tower Book. $20.00
Adams, Frank R. Arizona Feud. $75.00
Adams, Samuel Hopkins. Chingo Smith of The Erie Canal. ( S $75.00
Addams , Charles. Favorite Haunts. $20.00
Agee, James. A Death In The Family. $300.00
Agee, James. A Death In The Family. $65.00
Aiken, Joan Black Hearts And Battersea. $45.00
Aiken,Joan. Dark Interval. $20.00
Aiken,Joan. A Necklace Of Raindrops. $250.00
Aird, Catherine Last Respects. $45.00
Aistrop, Jack & Moore, Reginal Bugle Blast. An Anthology From The $100.00
Akimoto, Shunkichi. The Lure Of Japan. $45.00
Akins, Zoe. The Old Maid. $50.00
Akins, Zoe. The Old Maid. Dramatized from the n $20.00
Alberti, Rafael. Selected Poems. $25.00
Alcott , Louisa M. An Old Fashioned Girl. $150.00
Alcott, Louisa May. Little Men. $125.00
Alcott, Louisa May. An Old Fashioned Girl. $150.00
Aldington, Richard. Soft Answers. Signed & Numbered Cop $85.00
Aldington, Richard. ( Signed L Soft Answers. $85.00
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. The Story Of A Bad Boy. Illustrated $35.00
Aldridge, Alan. editor. The Beatles illustrated Lyrics. $20.00
Aldridge, Richard. Maine Lines. $15.00
Alexander, James W. A History Of The University Club Of $35.00
Alexander , Lawrence Speak Softly. $25.00
Alexander, Louis C. The Autobiography Of William Shakes $50.00
Algren , Nelson. A Walk On The Wild Side. $125.00
Alington, Charles. Field Trials and Judging. $45.00
Alinsky , Saul D. Rules For radicals. $20.00
Allen, Ethan Major League Baseball. $20.00
Allen , Ida Bailey. Ida Bailey Allens Time Saving Cookb $20.00
Allen, Ivan. Atlanta From The Ashes. $35.00
Allen, Steve. Fourteen For Tonight. $10.00
Allen , Woody. Getting Even. $30.00
Allingham, Margery. The China Governess. $25.00
Allison, John M.S. Concerning the Education of A Princ $20.00
Alonso, A. Nunez. The Purple Sash. $20.00
Alpha of The Plough. Illustrated Edition of Pebbles On T $20.00
Amado , Jorge. Tent Of Miracles. $15.00
Ambler, Eric. Dirty Story. $15.00
Ambler, Eric The Schirmer Inheritance. $25.00
Ambler, Eric. State Of Siege $30.00
Ambrose, Kay. The Ballet Lovers Companion. $10.00
American Art Association. Collection of Genevieve Garvan Brad $60.00
American Guide series. U.S.One - Maine To Florida. $75.00
American Institute of Graphic Fifty Books. Exhibited by the Insti $45.00
American Institute Of Graphic Fifty Prints. $40.00
American Institute Of Graphic Printing For Commerce. $50.00
Ames,Evelyn. Dust on A Precipice. $15.00
Amis , Kingsley. Ending Up. $15.00
Amis, Kingsley. The Riverside Villas Murders. $20.00
Amis, Kingsley That Uncertain Feeling. $45.00
Amorim, Enrique The Horse And His Shadow. $35.00
Amorium, Enrique The Horse And His Shadow. $35.00
Anderson , Maxwell. Lost In The Stars. $150.00
Anderson , Poul. Orion Shall Rise. ( Signed,  Limite $50.00
Anderson, Poul. Three Hearts And Three Lions. $275.00
Anderson, Sherwood. Perhaps Women. $20.00
Anderson, William R. Nautilus 90 North. $65.00
Andrews, John Williams. Prelude To Icaros. $15.00
Angelou, Maya. On The Pulse Of Morning. Hardcover $25.00
Angelou, Maya Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journe $22.50
Angleton, James, J. Furioso. Vol.2, No.1, 1943. $25.00
Anon. American Pipe Manual. For Engineers $10.00
Anon. Art In Progress. Number 15. Anniver $20.00
Anon. Artists Proof # 10. The Annual Of P $25.00
Anon. The Crescent Athletic Club of Brook $15.00
anon. Dudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. ill $15.00
Anon. The History of The 127th New York V $375.00
Anon. The Initiate In The Dark Circle. $45.00
Anon. The Jolly Jumper Pop Up Book See Th $75.00
Anon. The Magicians Own Book. $100.00
Anon. Mother Goose In Hieroglyphicks. $20.00
Anon. My Story. By A Twenty Four Sheet Po $20.00
Anon. Pictures of The Heavens. $100.00
Anon. Some Remarks Upon Sir James Dalrymp $80.00
Anon. Stars Of The Photoplay $65.00
Anon. The Three Little Kittens Pop Up Boo $75.00
Anon. Twenty-Second Report of the Board O $25.00
Anon. Where To Hunt American Game. $85.00
Anonymous. The Buntling Ball: A Graeco-America $35.00
Anonymous. Ex-Judge. $45.00
Anonymous. Songs Of The Azooks. $20.00
Anstey, F. The Brass Bottle. $50.00
Anthology. The Ark: Spring  1947. $50.00
Anthology. The Compass: A Quarterly Anthology $35.00
Anthology. Five Fates. $45.00
Anthology. Fourth Leaders from The Times: 1950 $20.00
Anthology. Ghost Stories And Other Queer Tales $85.00
Anthology. Hemispheres: French American Quarte $25.00
Anthology. Heroes Of The R.A.F. $10.00
Anthology. Horizon. Vol.xx, October. 1949. ( 1 $10.00
Anthology. The Kenyon Review : Arts & Letters. $40.00
Anthology. Peter Rabbit and Other Stories. $20.00
Anthology. The Petrified Planet. 3 Stories. $60.00
Anthology. Powers Of Darkness. Uneasy Tales. $595.00
Anthology. Seven : The New Magazine. $30.00
Anthology. Seven: The New Magazine. ( Vol.1 ). $50.00
Anthology. Six Modern American Plays. $20.00
Anthology. Songs Of Adieu. A Little Book of Fi $15.00
Anthology. Think Small. $15.00
Anthology. Boucher, Anderson , The Science Fictional Sherlock Holm $150.00
Anthony , Norman. How To Grow Old Disgracefully. or A $40.00
Anthony, Norman. How To Grow Old Disgracefully or An $35.00
Anthony, Piers. Ghost. $15.00
Anthony, Piers. Phaze Doubt. $15.00
Anvil, Christopher. Pandoras Planet. $30.00
Aragon. Henri Matisse. 2 Volume Set. $250.00
Arch, E.L. The Double Minded Man. $20.00
Arch, E.L. The Man With Three Eyes. $25.00
Archambault, A. Margaretta. A Guide Book of Art,Architecture, a $20.00
Arciniegas , German. The Green Continent : A Comprehensi $20.00
Aretz,  Gertrude. Napoleon:  And His Women. $40.00
Aretz, Gertrude. Napoleon and His Women Friends. $35.00
Ariss, Bruce . Full Circle. $45.00
Armer, Laura Adams. In Navajo Land. $35.00
Armstrong, Anthony. A Room At The Hotel Ambre. $15.00
Armstrong, Gregory. Wanderers All. $35.00
Arnold , Richard. Pigeon Shooting. $15.00
Artzybasheff , Boris. Seven Simeons. $35.00
Ashley, MIke. Souls In Metal. $20.00
Asimov, Isaac. David Starr Space Ranger. $75.00
Asimov , Isaac. Fantastic Voyage. $225.00
Asimov, Isaac. Fantastice Voyage II $20.00
Asimov, Isaac. The Far Ends Of Time And Earth. $75.00
Asimov,Isaac Foundations Edge. $20.00
Asimov , Isaac. Foundations Edge. ( Signed , Limite $200.00
Asimov, Isaac. I Robot. ( Presentation Copy ). $3,750.00
Asimov, Isaac. The left Hand Of The Electron. $35.00
Asimov, Isaac. In Memory Yet Green. ( Inscribed Co $175.00
Asimov, Isaac. Murder At The ABA. $45.00
Asimov, Isaac. Opus 200. $30.00
Asimov,Isaac. Opus 300. ( Signed Copy ). $100.00
Asimov, Isaac. Pebble In The Sky. $550.00
Asimov, Isaac. Pebble In The Sky. $650.00
Asimov , Isaac. Robots and Empire. ( Signed Limited $150.00
Asimov, Isaac. editor. Four Futures. $20.00
Asimov, Isaac , Greenberg, Mar Microcosmic Tales. $25.00
Attwood, William Still The Most Exciting Country. ( $35.00
Atwood, Margaret Surfacing $85.00
Audry, Colette. Behind The Bathtub. Story Of A Fren $20.00
Auel, Jean. The Clan Of The Cave Bear. $50.00
Aurora. Jock Scott, Midshipman: His Log. $15.00
Avallone , Michael. The Tall Dolores. $50.00
Ayres , Ruby Wallflower. $85.00
Azoy, A.C. jr. A Primewr Of Advertising. $35.00
Bacheller , Irving. Keeping Up With William. $50.00
Bacon , Leonard. Day Of Fire. $25.00
Baer, Warren The Duke Of Sacramento. ( Signed by $150.00
Bagnold, Enid. National Velvet. $225.00
Bailey, L.H. The Garden Of Gourds With Decoratio $15.00
Bainbridge, John. Garbo: The Authentic Life Story. $25.00
Baker, Charlotte. The Best Of Friends. $10.00
Baker, Laura Nelson. The Friendly Beasts. $25.00
Baker, Russell. Poor Russell's Almanac. $25.00
Baldwin, Faith. SkyScraper. A Novel of New York. $45.00
Balfour, Andrew. The Golden Kingdom. $30.00
Ballantyne, Ned & Coeli, Stell Your Horoscope and Your Dreams $20.00
Banks, Lynne Reid The Mystery Of The Cupboard. $15.00
Bardos,Marie. Night Light. $15.00
Barjavel, Rene The Tragic Innocents. $25.00
Barlow, James. Term Of Trial. $20.00
Barnes, Linda. Dead Heat. $50.00
Baron, Stanley. All My Enemies. $35.00
Baron, Stanley. All My Enemies. ( hardcover edition $35.00
Barr, Alfred H. Matisse: His Art And His Public. $225.00
Barr, Alfred H. Jr. Picasso: Fifty Years Of His Art. $25.00
Barrault, Jean-Louis. Reflections On The Theatre. $20.00
Barrie, J.M. A Window In Thrums. $35.00
Barrie, James, M. The Little Minister. ( Photoplay ed $25.00
Barrington , E. Cleopatra: The Laughing Queen. $45.00
Barrows , S. J. The Isles And Shrines Of Greece $50.00
Barry , Philip. Here Come The Clowns. $250.00
Barth , John Chimera $35.00
Barth , John. Chimera. $35.00
Bartlett, Arthur. Baseball And Mr. Spalding. $20.00
Bartolini, Luigi. Bicycle Thieves. $85.00
Bartolini, Luigi. Bicycle Thieves. $100.00
Baruch, Dorothy Walter. Walt Disney's Pinocchio. $20.00
Baruch , Dorothy Walter. Walt Disney's Pinocchio. illustrate $20.00
Batchelor, Denzil. British Boxing. Britain in Pictures $20.00
Batemen, Robert. When The Whites Went. $25.00
Bates , H.E. There's Something In The Air. $75.00
Bates, Ralph. The Olive Field. $75.00
Baudelaire, charles. Les Fleur Du Mal.  illustrations by $250.00
Bax, Clifford. Bernard Shaw / W.B. Yeats.  Letters $20.00
Bax, Clifford. Bernard Shaw / W.B. Yeats.  Letters $20.00
Baxter, Stephen. Timelike Infinity.  ( Signed Copy ) $600.00
Bazin, Herve. In The Name Of The Son. $20.00
Beach, Capt. Edward L. The Wreck of The Memphis. $15.00
Beagle , Peter S. A Fine And Private Place. ( Signed $275.00
Beal, Merrill D. The Story Of A Man In Yellowstone. $65.00
Beale, Will. Binky. $20.00
Beale, Will. Binky. $20.00
Beale, Will. Binky. $20.00
Beale, Will. Binky. $20.00
Beale, Will. Binky. $20.00
Beale, Will. Binky. $20.00
Beale, Will. Binky. $20.00
Bear, Greg. Bear's Fantasies. ( Limited / SIGNE $50.00
Bear , Greg. Early Harvest. ( Signed and Numbere $85.00
Beard, George & Rockwell, A.D. The Medical Use Of Electricity. $275.00
Beath, Robert B. The Grand Army Blue Book...Containi $150.00
Beaton, Cecil. Cecil Beaton's New York. $125.00
Beattie, Ann. Chilly Scenes Of Winter. $15.00
Le Beau, Monsieur. Histoire Du Bas-Empire en commencan $45.00
Beaumont, Charles. Remember? Remember? $100.00
Beaumont, Charles. Remember? Remember? ( Autographed C $1,250.00
de Beauvoir , Simon. Les Belles Images. $30.00
Bedford, Sybille. A Favourite Of The Gods. $10.00
Beebe, Lucius. The Stork Club Bar Book. $250.00
Beebe, William. Jungle Days $25.00
Beebe, William Pheasant Jungles. $35.00
Behrman, S.N. Biography: A Play. $75.00
Belcher, Lady The Muntineers Of The Bounty & Thei $250.00
Belcher, Lady. The Mutineers of The Bounty.And The $200.00
Bell, J.J. Mr. Pennycooks Boy. $20.00
Bellairs, John St. Fidgeta & Other Parodies. $85.00
Bellairs, John. St. Fidgeta  & Other Parodies. $85.00
Belloc, Hilaire. At The Sign Of The Lion. $20.00
Belloc, Hilaire. Belinda: A Tale Of Affection in You $125.00
Bellow , Saul. The Last Analysis. $250.00
Bemelmans, ludwig The High World. $20.00
Bemelmans, Ludwig. The Woman Of My Life. $15.00
Benchley, Peter. JAWS. $200.00
Benchley, Robert. Benchley - Or - Else! / Illustrated $25.00
Benchley, Robert. Pluck And Luck. $35.00
Bendiner , Elmer. The Bowery Man. ( Autographed). $75.00
Benford , Gregory. Jupitor Project. $25.00
Bennett, Horace W. Bright Yellow Gold. $25.00
Benson, Bernard. Strictly Birdsmanship. How To Lay T $15.00
Benson, Nora. Joan Takes A Bow. $15.00
Benson, Stella. Christmas Formula. ( Signed Copy ). $45.00
Berg , Mary. Warsaw Ghetto: A Diary . $75.00
Berger, Josef Poppo. $15.00
Berger, Thomas. Killing Time. $15.00
Bergson, Henri. Laughter: An Essay on The Meaning O $15.00
Berheim,Molly. A Sky Of My Own. $20.00
Berkeley, Anthony. Dead Mrs. Stratton. $55.00
De Bernires, Louis. Corelli's Mandolin. ( Signed Advanc $40.00
Berry, Elmer. Baseball Notes for Players and Coac $10.00
Berry, Joseph F. Four Wonderful Years. A sketch of t $10.00
Berryman, John. The Dispossessed. $350.00
Berson , Harold. How The Devil Gets His Due. Adapted $15.00
Bester , Alfred. The Demolished Man. $850.00
Bester, Alfred. The Demolished man. ( Signed Copy ) $650.00
Bester, Alfred. The Demolished Man. ( Signed Copy ) $750.00
Bester, Alfred. The Demolished  Man. ( Signed Copy $575.00
Beston, Henry. The Outermost House.A Year Of Life $150.00
Beter, William Grey. Minions Of The Moon. $45.00
Betjeman , John. John Betjman's Collected Poems. $20.00
Bevis, Leura Dorothy Silver Farthing $25.00
Beyer, William Gray. Minions Of The Moon. $25.00
Biggle, Lloyd jr. Silence Is Deadly. $20.00
Biggle, Lloyd Jr. The World Menders. $65.00
Binns, Archie The Enchanted Islands. $20.00
Bird , J. Malcolm Einstein's Theories of Relativity a $30.00
Bishop, Claire Huchet. The Truffle Pig. illustrated by Kur $35.00
Bishop, Joseph Bucklin. Theodore Roosevelt and His Time. $65.00
Bishop, Leonard Down All Your Streets. $65.00
Bishop, Michael. A Little Bit Of Knowledge. $20.00
Bishop, Michael. Stolen Faces. $20.00
Bishop, Michael. And Strange At Ecbatan The Trees. $15.00
Bishop, Michael. Transfigurations. $20.00
Bjurstedt, Molla. Tennis For Woman. $200.00
Blackburn , Joyce. Suki and The Invisible Peacock. $10.00
Blackett, P.M.S. Fear,War, and the Bomb. Military an $15.00
Blackwood , Algernon. Pan's Garden. 1912. $200.00
Blackwood, Algernon. A Prisoner In Fairyland. $35.00
Blackwood, Algernon. Stories of Algernon Blackwood. Myst $20.00
Blaine, John. The Lost City. $25.00
Blake, Rodney. Hasty Pudding Poems. $10.00
Blake, William. Songs Of Innocence. Illustrated by $20.00
Blanding, Don. Pilot Bails Out.  Signed Copy. $20.00
Blankenship , William D. The Helix Files. $25.00
Blankfort, Michael. Goodbye, I Guess. $20.00
Blatty, William Peter. The Exorcist. ( PROOF COPY). $125.00
Blaylock, James P. The Last Coin. ( Signed , limited e $60.00
Bleiler, E.F. & Dikty , T.E. Years Best Science Fiction Novels. $45.00
Bleiler, Everett & Dikty, T.E. The Best Science Fiction Stories 19 $45.00
Bleiler, Everett & Dikty, T.E. The Best Science Fiction Novels 195 $45.00
Bloch , Robert. Out Of My Head. ( Signed Limited Co $60.00
Block , Lawrence. The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondra $50.00
Block , Lawrence. The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza. $75.00
Block , Lawrence. Eight Million Ways To Die. $375.00
Block, Lawrence. The Sins Of The Fathers. ( Signed l $200.00
Block , Lawrence. Writing The Novel. $40.00
Block, Libbie. The Hills Of Beverly: A Novel About $25.00
Blumenthal, Ralph. Stork Club. Americas Most Famous Ni $20.00
Blythe , LeGette. The Crown Tree. $10.00
Bode, Carl. The Man Behind You. $35.00
Bokun, Branko. The Pornocracy. $20.00
Bolt, Ben. Captain Lucifer. $35.00
Bon Viveurs London And The British Isles $25.00
Bond, Elizabeth Ann & Rabin, J Crunch The Squirrel. illustrated by $175.00
Bond, James. Birds Of The west Indies. $75.00
Bond, MIchael. Paddington Abroad. $20.00
Bone, Gertrude. The Old Man. Frontispiece by Muirhe $20.00
Bonham, Frank Bold Passage $20.00
Bonham , Frank A Dream Of Ghosts. $20.00
Bonham, Frank. Hardrock. $7.00
Boothby , Guy A Maker Of Nations. $45.00
Borroughs, Edgar Rice. Tarzan And The Lost Empire. Dell Ma $10.00
Bottner, Barbara. There Was Nobody There. $20.00
Boulle, Pierre Monkey Planet. $850.00
Boulle , Pierre. La Planete des Singes. ( Planet Of $250.00
Bova, Ben. Kinsman. $25.00
Bova, Ben. The Winds Of Altair. $20.00
Bove, Ben. When The Sky Burned. $20.00
Bowen, Elizabeeth. The Death Of The Heart. $20.00
Bowen,Marjorie. Kecksies and Other Twilight Tales. $20.00
Bower, Warren. New Directions. Second series. $75.00
Bowers, Fredson. editor. The Works of Stephen Crane. Volume $30.00
Bowers , Fredson. Editor. The Works Of Stephen Crane.Volume 7 $30.00
Bowles, Paul. Without Stopping : An Autobiography $45.00
Bowman , Anne The Kangaroo Hunters or , Adventure $45.00
Bowman, Gerald. War In The Air. $35.00
Boyce, William D. Australia And New Zealand Illustrat $25.00
Boyd, Malcolm. The Fantasy Worlds Of Peter Stone a $15.00
Boyle T. Coraghessan Water Music. $45.00
Brackett , Leigh. The Starmen. $85.00
Bradbury, Ray. The Anthem Sprinters. ( Signed Copy $300.00
Bradbury, Ray. Dark Carnival. ( Signed Copy ). $1,250.00
Bradbury, Ray. The Golden Apples of The Sun. $450.00
Braden, William. The Age Of Aquarius. $20.00
Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The House Between The Worlds. $85.00
Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The Sword Of Aldones. $10.00
Bradshaw, Marion. The Maine Land. A Portfolio of View $45.00
Brady, Cyrus Townsend. Under Tops'ls And Tents. $20.00
Braithwaite, E.R. A Kind Of Homecoming. $20.00
Brandes, George. Reminiscences of My Childhood and Y $20.00
Brautigan , Richard. The Abortin: An Historical Romance $20.00
Brennan, Joseph Payne. Evil Always Ends. ( Signed Copy ). $30.00
Le Breton, John The White Magic Book. $35.00
Brin, David. The Postman. ( Signed Copy ). $35.00
Brin , David. Startide Rising. $200.00
Brin , David. The Uplift War. $125.00
Brindze , Ruth. Boating Is Fun. illustrated by Kurt $30.00
Brinkley , William. The Two Susans. $15.00
British Society For Science. The South And East African Year Boo $50.00
Broat, I.G. The Entrepreneur. $20.00
Brooke, Rupert 1914 & Other Poems. $20.00
Brooks, Charles S. There's Pippins and Cheese To Come. $15.00
Brooks, Elbridge S. A Boy Of The First Empire. $20.00
Brooks, George S. James Durand: An Able Seaman of 181 $20.00
Brooks, John A Pride Of Lions. $35.00
Brooks, William E. Lee of Virginia. $20.00
Brown, Dee Yellowhorse $150.00
Brown, Fredric . And The Gods Laughed. ( Signed,limi $125.00
Brown, Fredric. Space On My Hands. ( Signed Copy ). $450.00
Brown, Fredric. Space On My Hnads. $175.00
Brown, Henry Collins In The Golden Nineties. $30.00
Brown , Henry Collins Old New York: Yesterday and Today. $75.00
Brown, Hilton. Break For Fiction. $65.00
Brown , John Mason. Two On The Isle. Ten Years Of The A $20.00
Brown , Lawrason. M.D. Rules For Recovery From Tuberculosi $20.00
Brown, Myra Berry. If You Have A Doll. illustrated by $20.00
Brown, Rosel George. Sibyl Sue Blue. $45.00
Brown,Roy. A Saturday In Pudney. $20.00
Browning, D.C. Everyman's Dictionary of Shakespear $15.00
Browning, Robert. Sordello. $450.00
Buchan, John The King's Grace :  1910 - 1935. $20.00
Buchard, Robert. Thirty Seconds Over New York. $15.00
Buckley W. & Bozell, L. Brent McCarthy & His Enemies. The Record $50.00
Bujold, Lois McMaster. Dreamweavers Dilemma. ( Signed Limi $125.00
Bull, R.C. Perturbed Spirits. $20.00
Bulliet, C.J. Art Masterpieces of The 1933 World' $30.00
Bunce, Frank. So Young A Body. $35.00
Bunner, H.C. The Story Of A New York House. $45.00
Burchardt , Bill. Black Marshall. $20.00
Burdekin , Katherine. The Burning Ring. $125.00
Burdett, Osbert. The Very End and Other Stories. $25.00
Burgess, Thornton W. The Adventures of Prickly Porky. $20.00
Burke, James Lee. Dixie City Jam. $25.00
Burke, Thomas Twinkletoes: A Tale of Chinatown. $85.00
Burland , Cottie. North American Indian Mythology. $15.00
Burnett, Francis Hodgson. Piccino and Other Child Stories. $35.00
Burnett, Whit & Foley, Martha. A Story Anthology. $125.00
Burnham, Major Frederick. Scouting On Two Continents. $75.00
Burrage, Henry Sweetser. Gettysburg and Lincoln. $55.00
Burroughs, Edgar Rice. Tarzan Of The Apes $250.00
Burrow, F.R. The Centre Court and Others. $75.00
Burtis, Thomson. Haunted Airways. $25.00
Bush, George . The Presidents Point Of View. ( Wit $50.00
Butler , Charles E. Follow me Ever $25.00
Butler, Ellis Parker. Goat Feathers. $20.00
Butler, Lorine Letcher. Birds Around the Year. Signed Copy. $45.00
Butler, Octavia. Blood Child. ( Signed Copy ). $20.00
Butler, William Allen. History of The Lawyers Club. NY. $75.00
Butor, Michael. Degrees. $35.00
Byrnes, Laurence G. History of The 94Th Infantry Divisi $35.00
Cadwell, Erskine. All Night Long. $25.00
Cady, Jack. The Jonah Watch. $35.00
Cahn, William. Harold Lloyds World Of Comedy. $15.00
Caidin, Martin. Rendezvous In Space.The Story Of Am $20.00
Cain , James. Galatea. $15.00
Cain, James M. Past All Dishonor. $35.00
Caine, Hall. The Shadow Of ACrime. $250.00
Caine , William. The Strangeness Of Noel Carton. $55.00
Caldwell, Erskine We Are The Living. ( Signed Edition $200.00
Caldwell, Erskine. We Are The Living. Signed Limited E $175.00
Caldwell , Taylor. The Late Clara Beame. $25.00
Calisher, Hortense Textures Of Life. $40.00
Calsiher, Hortense. The Railway Police and The Last Tro $25.00
Calthrop, Dion Clayton. Hyacinth: An Excursion. $35.00
Calvert , Louis. Problems of The Actor. $35.00
Calvino, Italo. Italian Fables. $45.00
Calvino , Italo. Mr. Palomar. $25.00
Calvino, Italo. The Nonexistant Knight & The Cloven $125.00
De Camp, L. Sprague 7 Cathrine The Incorporated Knight.  ( Signed $45.00
Camp, Raymond R. The Colliers Book Of Hunting And Fi $12.50
Camp , Raymond R. Hunting Trails: A Sportsmans Treasu $20.00
Campbell, Gordon. Rear Admiral My Mystery Ships $25.00
Campbell, John. The Mightiest Machine. $100.00
Campbell, John W. The Claok Of Aesir. $75.00
Campbell, John W. The Cloak Of Aesir. ( Signed Copy ) $250.00
Campbell, John W. The Mightest Machine. $55.00
Campbell, John W. The Moon IS Hell. ( Golden SF Libra $75.00
Campbell, John W. The Moon Is Hell. ( Signed Copy ). $300.00
Campbell, Ramsey. The Height of The Scream. $25.00
Cantor, Eddie. Between The Acts. $25.00
Cantor, Eddie Take My Life. $40.00
Cantor, Eddie. Take My Life. $45.00
Capote, Truman Music For Chameleons. $20.00
Capote, Truman. A Tree Of Night and Other Stories. $250.00
Card, Orson Scott. Lost Boys. ( Signed Copy ). $20.00
Card, Orson Scott. Songmaster. $100.00
Card, Orson Scott. Speaker For Dead. ( Signed Copy ). $250.00
Carisella & Ryan. Who Killed The Red Baron. $85.00
Carmer , Carl. Listen For a Lonesome Drum. (autogr $25.00
Carpenter, Don. Blade Of Light. $20.00
Carr, Dickson John. Captain Cut Throat. $30.00
Carr , John Dickson. Captain Cut-Throat. $35.00
Carr , John Dickson. The Devil InVelvet. $30.00
Carr, John Dickson. He Who Whispers. $35.00
Carr , John Dickson. The Nine Wrong Answers. $100.00
Carroll , Jonathan. The Land Of Laughs. $150.00
Carroll. Jonathan. The Panic Hand. $125.00
Carroll, Lewis. Lewis Carrolls Jabberwocky. illustr $40.00
Carroll, Patrick. J. The Bog. Novel of the Irish Rebelli $30.00
Carroll, Paul. The edward Dahlberg Reader. ( Inscr $95.00
Carson, Rachel. Silent Spring. $20.00
Carson, Rachel. Silent Spring. $250.00
Carson, Rachel Silent Spring. $150.00
Carter, Lin. Invisible Death. $25.00
Carter, Lin. The Valley Where Time Stood Still. $25.00
Carter, Lin. The Volcano Ogre. $25.00
Cary, Katherine T. & Merrell, Arranging Flowers Throughout The Ye $20.00
Cary , Melbert B. A Bibliography Of The Village Press $125.00
Cass, Eleanor Baldwin. The Book Of Fencing. $45.00
Castello, Julio Martinez The Theory And Practice Of Fencing. $275.00
Cather, Willa December Night: A Sxcene From Death $35.00
Cather , Willa. Obscure Destinies. $125.00
Cather , Willa Obscure Destinies.Three New Stories $85.00
Catto, Max. Mister Moses. $25.00
Catton, Bruce. This Hallowed Ground. ( Signed Pres $100.00
Caudwell, Sarah. The Shortest Way To Hades $30.00
Cervantes, Saavedra Miguel de Don Quixote De La Mancha. Translate $1,250.00
Chaber, M.E. Green Grow The Graves. $10.00
Chadwick , Lester. Baseball Joe At Yale. $15.00
Chadwick, Lester Baseball Joe Home Run King. $15.00
Chaliapine, Feodor Ivanovitch. Pages From My Life. $27.50
Chandler, A. Bertram. Bring Back Yesterday. ( Signed Copy $75.00
Chandler, A. Bertram The Rim Of Space. $35.00
Chandler, A. Bertram. The Rim Of Space. ( Signed Copy ). $75.00
Chandler, A. Bertram. When The Dream Dies. $50.00
Chandler, Raymond. The Big Sleep. Photoplay Edition Bo $45.00
Chandler, Raymond. The High Window. $350.00
Chapman, Frank M. Bird-Life. $75.00
Chapman, John Jay. Treason and Death of Benedict Arnol $25.00
Charteris, Leslie. Call For The Saint. $45.00
Charteris, Leslie. Getaway. $45.00
Charteris, Leslie. The Saint On The Spanish Main. $20.00
Chatterton, E. Keble. The Ship Under Sail. Splender of Th $15.00
Chayefsky, Paddy. Gideon. $75.00
Cheever, George B. Wanderings of The Pilgrim in The Sh $75.00
Cheney, Sheldon A Primer For Modern Art. $20.00
Cherryh, C.J. Forty Thousand In Ghenna. $50.00
Cherryh, C.J. Glass And Amber. ( Signed , Limited $125.00
Chess, Victoria & Gorey, Edwar Fletcher & Zenobia. $50.00
Chesterton, G.K. The Scandel Of Father Brown. $45.00
Chopping, Richard. The Fly. $25.00
Christie, Agatha. The Hollow. $25.00
Christopher , John The City Of Gold And Lead. $20.00
Christopher , John. The Pool Of Fire. $85.00
Clancy, Tom. Red Rabbit. ( Signed Limited ). $175.00
Clark, Gerald. Impatient Giant: Red China Today. $10.00
Clark, Ronald W. The Last Year Of The Old World. $25.00
Clarke, Arthue C. Voices From The Sky. $20.00
Clarke, Arthur C. 2001 A Space Odyssey. $425.00
Clarke, Arthur C. 2001 A Space Odyssey. $450.00
Clarke, Arthur C. 2001 A Space Odyssey. $750.00
Clarke, Arthur C. Earthlight. $20.00
Clarke, Arthur C. The Fountains Of Paradise. $15.00
Clarke, Arthur c. The Fountains of Paradise. $25.00
Clarke , Arthur C. The Fountains Of Paradise. $75.00
Clarke, Arthur C. Interplanetary Flight. $225.00
Clarke, Arthur C. Rendezvous With Rama. $125.00
Clarke, Arthur C. Report On Planet Three and Other Sp $20.00
Clarke, Arthur C. The Sands Of Mars. $150.00
Clarke, Arthur C. The Sands Of Mars. $30.00
Clarke, Mollie. Momotaro. A Japanese folk tale. $25.00
Clarkson, Ewan. Syla, The Mink. $10.00
Clason, Clyde. Ark Of Venus. $15.00
Cleeve, Lucas. Her Father's Soul. $45.00
Clement, Charles. The Toy Hunt. $45.00
Clement, Hal. Iceworld. ( Signed Copy ). $150.00
Clement ,Hal. Iceworld. ( Signed Copy ). $175.00
Clement, Hal. Mission Of Gravity. ( Signed Copy ) $750.00
Cleveland, John. Life Eternal. $45.00
Clifton , Mark. Eight  Keys To Eden. $35.00
Clymer, R. Swinburne. Three Sevens: A Story Of Ancient In $20.00
Coates, Robert M. Wisteria Cottage. $35.00
Coatsworth , Elizabeth. The Kitten Stand. Illstrated by Kat $20.00
Coatsworth, Elizabeth. The Kitten Stand. Illustrated by Ka $20.00
Cobb, Irvin S. Roughing It Deluxe. $20.00
Coblentz, Stanton. The Crimson Capsule. $35.00
Coblentz, Stanton A. Under The Triple Suns. $45.00
Cocks, F. Seymour. The Secret Treaties. $10.00
Cocks, F. Seymour. The Secret Treaties. preface by Cha $10.00
Cocteau, Jean. Images De Jean Cocteau. $65.00
Cocteau, Jean. Maalesh / A Theatrical Tour In The $45.00
Coffin , Robert Tristram. On The Green Carpet. $15.00
Coffin , Robert Tristram. Saltwater Farm. Signed Copy. $25.00
Coffin, Tristram  P. The Old Ball Game. $25.00
Coffin, Tristram P. The Old Ball Game. $25.00
Cohen, Octavus Roy. Lilies Of The Alley. $150.00
Colden , Jane. The Botanic Manuscript Of Jane Cold $35.00
Coles, Manning. Come and Go. $45.00
Colette. Douze Dialogues de Betes. $15.00
Colette For A Flower Album. $20.00
Collins, Dale. Sea-Tracks of The Speejacks: Round $25.00
Collins, Paul. editor. Alien Worlds. $15.00
Collins, Paul. editor. Envisaged Worlds. $20.00
Collins, Ruth P. Hubba-Hubba: A Tale Of The Sahara. $20.00
Compton-Burnett, I. The Mighty And Their Fall. $15.00
Condon , Richard. Any God Will Do. $20.00
Cone, Molly Call Me Moose. Illustrated by Berni $25.00
Conger, Marion Airplane Stories $8.00
Connolly, Cyril. Horizon Stories. $45.00
Connolly, Cyril. The Rock Pool. $15.00
Connolly, Cyril. The Unquiet Grave. A Word Circle by $20.00
Conroy, Pat. The Lords of Discipline. ( Signed C $75.00
Constantine, K.C. Always A Body To Trade. $50.00
Constantine, K.C. The Man Who Liked Slow Tomatoes. $75.00
Conway, Moncure Daniel. Barons Of The Rappahannock. Signed $300.00
Cook,Bruce. The Beat Generation. $45.00
Cook , Bruce. The Beat Generation. The Tumultuous $45.00
Cooke, David C. The Best detecive Stories of 1954. $22.50
Cooke, David C. The Best Detecive Stories of 1952. $25.00
Cooke, David C. The Best Detective Stories Of 1951. $25.00
Cooke , David C. The Best Detective Stories of 1955. $20.00
Cooke, David. C. The Best Detective Stories. 1950. $30.00
Cooke, David C. The Best Detective Stories of  1958 $20.00
Cooke , David. C. The Best Detective Stories of 1956. $20.00
Cooke , David. C. The Best Detective stories of  1953 $22.00
Cooke, David C. Best Detective Stories. 1955. $35.00
Cooke, David C. Best Detective Stories. 1951. $20.00
Cooke, David C. Best Detective Stories for 1954. $25.00
Cooke, David C. Best Detective Stories. 1959. $20.00
Cooke, David C. Best Detective Stories. 1952. $20.00
Cooke, David C. Best Detective Stories. 1950. $25.00
Cooke, David C.  editor. Best American Detective Stories of $25.00
Cooke, David C. editor. Best American Detective Stories of $25.00
Cookridge , E.H. Orient Express. The Life And Times $10.00
Coolidge, Dane & Coolidge, Mar The Navajo Indians. $50.00
Coonts, Stephen. Flight of The Intruder. $25.00
Cooper, Basil. From Evil's Pillow. $15.00
Cooper, Duff. Sergeant Shakespeare. A Speculation $20.00
Cooper, Edmund. All Fools Day. $30.00
Cooper, Edmund. A Far Sunset. $50.00
Cooper, Edmund. Five To Twelve. $35.00
Cooper, Edmund. The Overman Culture. $35.00
Cooper, Edmund. Sea Horse In The Sky. $35.00
Cooper, Edmund. Son Of Kronk. $25.00
Cooper, Edmund. The Tenth Planet. $20.00
Cormack, M.B. The First Book Of Trees. Illustrate $35.00
Cornwell. Patricia The Body Farm. ( Advanced Proof. ) $30.00
Corson, Hazel W. Peter And The Two Hour Moon. $20.00
Corwin, Norman They Fly Through The air With Great $45.00
Cothren , Marion B. This is The Moon. illustrated  by K $45.00
Coward, Noel. The Happy Breed.  A Play In Three A $25.00
Cowper, Richard. Breakthrough. $40.00
Cox,Luther. The Earth Is Mine. $20.00
Cox, Wally. My Life As A Small Boy. $25.00
Cox, Wally. My Life As A Small Boy. $25.00
Craig, David. The Alias Man. $20.00
Craigie, David. The Voyage of The Luna 1. $50.00
Crane, Clinton. Clinton Crane's Yachting Memories. $35.00
Craven, John J. Prison Life Of Jefferson Davis. $20.00
Crawford , F. Marion. A Cigarette Makers Romance. $50.00
Crawford , F. Marion With The Immortals. $25.00
Crawford, Mary Caroline. The Romance of The American Theatre $45.00
Creeley , Robert Le Fou. Poems By Robert Creeley. $500.00
Creeley , Robert. Le Poems : Poems by Robert Creeley. $450.00
Crichton , Michael. The Great Train Robbery. $25.00
Crichton, Michael. Sphere $35.00
Crichton , Michael. The Terminal Man. $35.00
Cridland, Ropbert B. Practical Landscape Gardening . $20.00
Crispin, A.C. V : Alien Invasion. $85.00
Crispin, Edmund. Beware The Trains. $30.00
Cristabel. The Mortal Immortals. $100.00
Crofts, Freeman Wills. Golden Ashes. $150.00
Crofts, Freeman Wills. Mystery  In The Channel. $40.00
Crosby , Percy Three Cheers For The red , Red and $50.00
Cross, Amanda. A Trap For Fools. $15.00
Crossen, Kendell Foster. Once Upon A Star. $25.00
Crowe , Robert. Arguments of States Attorney Robert $75.00
Crowell, Joshua Freeman & Crow Cape Cod In Poetry. $20.00
Crowell, Joshua Freeman & Crow Cape Cod In Poetry. $25.00
Crowley, John. Beasts. $35.00
Crowley, John. The Deep. ( Signed Copy ). $350.00
Crowley, John Little Big. $25.00
Croy, Homer. R.F.D. No.3 $25.00
Crumley, James. The Last Good Kiss. $30.00
Culbertson, Ely. Culbertson's Own Summary on Contrac $10.00
Culotta, Nino They're A Weird Mob. $20.00
Cumming, John  The Rev. The Great Tribulation or Things Com $25.00
Cummings, E.E. i : Six Nonlectures. $125.00
Cummings, E.E. Poems 1923 - 1954. $125.00
Cummings, Ray. Explorers Into Infinity. $45.00
Cummings, Ray. The Insect Invasion. $50.00
Curl. Peter. Designing a Book Jacket. $35.00
Curley, Thomas. Nowhere Man. $15.00
Curtis, Anna L. Ghosts Of The Mohawk and Other Stor $20.00
Cust ,Robert H. Hobart The Life Of Benvenuto Cellini. 2 Vo $45.00
Cuthbert, Clifton. The Robbed Heart. $35.00
Cuzner, Bernard. The Silversmith's Manual. $15.00
Cuzner, Bernard. Silversmith's Manual. (second editi $15.00
D'Amato, Barbara. Hardball. $35.00
Dacry , Clare Victoire. $35.00
Dahl, Roald. James and The Giant Peach. ( Disney $75.00
Dahl, Roald. Kiss, Kiss. $35.00
Daley , Brian. Hans Solo At Stars  End. $35.00
Daley , Brian. Hans Solo At Stars End. $35.00
Daley, Brian. Hans Solo's Revenge. $25.00
Dann, Jack. editor. More Wanderings. $35.00
Dann, Jack. editor. Wandering Stars. $45.00
Dante,Jim. & Diegel, Leo. The Nine Bad Shots of Golf. $10.00
Darcy , Clare. Elyza $20.00
Darcy, Clare. Elyza. A Novel Of Regency England. $20.00
Darcy , Clare Lady Pamela. $20.00
Darcy , Clare. Lady  Pamela. A novel Of Regency Lo $20.00
Darcy, Clare. Victoire.  A Novel Of Regency Londo $30.00
Darrow, Whitney Jr. Please Pass The Hostess.An Album Of $25.00
Darwin, Charles. The Descent Of Man. $250.00
Darwin, Charles. On The Origin of The Species By Mea $250.00
Darwin, Charles. LLD. FRS. The Formation of Vegatable Mould Th $100.00
Darwin , Francis. Life And Letters Of Charles Darwin. $50.00
Daudet, Alfonse. Tartarin Of Tarascon. trans. by Jac $75.00
Daventry, Leonard. Twentyone Billionth Paradox. $15.00
Davidson, Avram. Peregrine Primus. $20.00
Davidson, Avram. Strange Seas and Shores. Short Stor $15.00
Davies, Hunter. The Beatles: The Authorized Biograp $45.00
Davies, L.P. Genisis Two. $20.00
Davies, L.P. Psychogeist. $40.00
Davies , Rhys. The Painted King. $20.00
Davis , Elmer. Two Minutes Till Midnight. $20.00
Davis, Kenneth S. (Signed ) A Prophet In His Own Country.The Tr $45.00
Davis, Lindsey. Silver Pigs. $35.00
Davis , Lindsey Silver Pigs. A Dectective novel in $40.00
Davis , M.E.M. The Queen's Garden $45.00
Davis, M.E.M. The Queens Garden. $35.00
Davis, Mary Gould. Randolph Caldecott.  An Appreciatio $40.00
Davis, Richard. editor. Space 1.Collection of SF Stories. $15.00
Davis, Richard Harding. In The Fog. $25.00
Day, Donald. Big Country Texas. $40.00
Dean, Abner. It;s A Long way To Heaven. $45.00
Deaver , Jeffery The Bone Collector. $25.00
DeCamp, L. Sprague. The Carnelian Cube. ( Signed Copy ) $150.00
DeCamp , L. Sprague. The Glory That Was. ( Signed Copy ) $45.00
DeCamp , L. Sprague. A Gun For Dinosauer. ( Signed Copy $250.00
DeCamp , L. Sprague. Land Of Unreason. ( signed copy) $300.00
DeCamp, L. Sprague. Literary Swordsman & Sorcerers. ( S $50.00
DeCamp, L. Sprague. Scribblings. $25.00
DeCamp , L. Sprague. The Tower Of Zanid. $75.00
DeCamp, L. Sprague. The Wheels Of If. ( Signed Copy ). $150.00
DeCamp, L. Sprague. & Pratt , Land Of Unreason. $250.00
DeCamp , L. Sprague & Pratt, F The Land Of Unreason. illustrated D $225.00
Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe. $20.00
DeFord, Miriam Allen. Elsewhere, Elsewhern , Elsehow. $175.00
Deighton, Len Spy Story. $20.00
del Rey, Lester. Best SF Stories of The Year. Second $15.00
Del Rey , Lester. Editor. The Best Of C.L. Moore. $20.00
del Torre , Mario. editor. Artes Graficas Panamericanas. Text $75.00
Delacour, Jean. The Waterfowl of The World. $50.00
Delacour , Jean. The Waterfowl Of The World. Illustr $50.00
Deland , Margaret. Partners. Illustrated by Charles Da $25.00
Delaney, Samuel R. Driftglass. ( Signed Copy ). $20.00
Delaney, Samuel R. Nova. ( Signed Copy ). $85.00
Delaney, Samuel. R. editor. Nebula Winners Thirteen. $35.00
deLint, Charles. The Little Country. $45.00
Delton, Judy Rabbit Finds A Way. Illustrated by $20.00
DeMille, G. R. A Strange Manuscript Found In A Cop $150.00
Demille, Nelson. The Generals Daughter $17.50
Deming, Therese O. & Edwin W. The Indians In Winter Camp. A Story $10.00
Derleth, August. Any Day Now. $50.00
Derleth, August. A House Above Cuzco. $45.00
Derleth, August. By Owl Light. $85.00
Derleth, August. Rendezvous in Landscape. ( Signed C $85.00
Derleth, August. The Seven Who Waited. $75.00
Derleth, August. Strange Ports Of Call. $25.00
Derleth, August. Time To Come. $25.00
Derleth, August. Wilbur The Trusting Whipperwill. $75.00
Deutscher, Isaac. The Prophet Armed: Trotsky - 1879 - $40.00
Deutscher, Isaac. The Prophet Unarmed. Trotsky: 1921 $40.00
Devereux, E.C. Life's Memories of  Eton and Eton C $35.00
Devine, Eric. editor. Blow The Man Down. A Yachtsmans Rea $55.00
Devlin, Emmerich & Molstad. Independance Day/ Novelization Of T $50.00
Dewey, Thomas B. Hunter At Large. $25.00
Dewey, Thomas B. The Mean Streets. $25.00
Dexter, Colin. Last Bus To Woodstock. $750.00
Dick, Philip K. Confessions of A Crap Artist. $10.00
Dick,Philip K. Do Androids Dream Of Electric  Shee $6,000.00
Dick , Philip K. A Handful Of Darkness. $200.00
Dick, Philip K. The Transmigration Of Timothy Arche $25.00
Dick, Philip K. Ubik. $125.00
Dick, Stewart. Arts & Crafts Of Japan. $20.00
Dickens, Charles. The Child Wife : From the David Cop $50.00
Dickens ,Charles. Collected Works. The Leisure Librar $375.00
Dickens, Charles. The Cricket On The Hearth. $75.00
Dickens, Monica. World's End In Winter. $15.00
Dickey, James. Deliverance. $45.00
Dickson, Gordon R. The Far Call. $45.00
Dickson, Gordon R. The Final Encyclopedia. Special Wor $125.00
Dickson, Gordon R. The R Master. $20.00
Dickson, Gordon R. The Star Road. $25.00
Dickson, Gordon R. Time Storm. ( Signed Copy ). $45.00
Dickson, Gordon R. & Bova , Be Gremlins Go Home. ( Signed Copy ). $45.00
Dieter , William. The White Land. $20.00
The Dietz Press. Photographic Studies of Old Virgini $25.00
Dikty, T.E. Every Boys Booki Of  Outer Space St $45.00
Dill, Francis P. & Garnett, Po The Ideal Book: Two Essays Jointly $15.00
Dillion, Eilis. A Family Of Foxes. $20.00
Dinesen, Isak. Last Tales. $35.00
Ditmars, Raymond L. A Field Book Of North American Snak $15.00
Ditmars, Raymond L. Guide To The New York Zoological Pa $20.00
Doane,F. Harrison The Young Married Ladies Private Me $75.00
Dolson, Hildegarde The Form Divine $25.00
Donaldson, Stephen. Gilden Fire. $25.00
Donleavy , J . P. The Saddest Summer Of Samuel S. $15.00
Donleavy, J.P. A Singular man. $20.00
Dore, Gustave. illustrator. The Dore Bible Gallery. $75.00
Dos Passos, John. The Grand Design $15.00
Douglas, Frederic & D'Harnonco Indian Art of the United States. $125.00
Doyle, Conan Arthur. The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherl $20.00
Doyle, Conan Arthur. The Adventures and Memoirs Of Sherl $20.00
Doyle, Conan Arthur Sir. Memories and Adventures. $125.00
Drachman, Theodore S. Cry Plague. $125.00
Drachman, Thoedore. Cry Plague. $85.00
Drake, David. The Dragon Lord. $20.00
Drake & Watkins. Old Boston Taverns and Tavern Clubs $50.00
Draper, Lieut. Ernest. Lectures in Navagation. $15.00
Dreier, Katherine S. Shawn The Dancer. $45.00
Drouet, Bessie Clarke. Station Astral. Signed Copy. $25.00
Druce,Hubert. Henry Cassland.His Personal Narrati $85.00
Drumm,Russell. In The Slick Of The Cricket. The Tr $20.00
Du Maurier, Daphne. Happy Christmas. $45.00
Duane, Diane. Deep Wizardry. $45.00
Duane, Diane. So You Want To Be A Wizard. $250.00
Dubois, Jules. Fidel Castro $20.00
Dufferin , Lord. A Yacht Voyage: Letters From High L $75.00
Dufresne , Frank. No Room For Bears. $10.00
Dugger, Shepard M. The Balsam Groves of the Grandfathe $125.00
Dugger, Shepherd. The Balsam Groves of The Grandfathe $85.00
Dujardin, Edward We'll To The Woods No More. $15.00
Dukes, Ashley. The Song Of Drums. Comedy & Prologu $20.00
Dukthas, Ann. ( pseudonym). A Time For The Death Of A King. $20.00
Dumas, F. Ribadeau These Moderns: Some Parisian Closeu $60.00
Dumas, Gerald. Rabbits Rafferty. Illustrated by Wa $25.00
Dunning, John. The Bookmans Wake. ( Advance Copy P $20.00
Dunning, Stephen , Lueders, Ed Some Haystacks Don't Even Have Need $20.00
Dupee, F.W. The Question Of Henry James. $35.00
Duran, Leo. Plays of Old Japan. $25.00
Durbin, Frederic S. Dragonfly. $25.00
Durrant, Theo. The Marble Forest. $45.00
Durrell , Gerald. The Donkey Rustlers. $35.00
Durrell , Lawrence. The Black Book $20.00
Durrell, Lawrence. The Black Book. $1,500.00
Dutourd, Jean. The Best Butter. $20.00
Dutourd, Jean. The Taxis of The Marne. $20.00
Earle, Vana. My Friend Johnny. $20.00
Early, Eleanor. New York Holiday. ( Signed Copy ). $20.00
Eastman, Charles A From The Deep Woods To Civilization $75.00
Eastman , Max. Great Companions. Critical Memoirs $40.00
Eastman , P.D. Are You My Mother. $10.00
Eberhart , Mignon. Deadly Is The Diamond. And 3 Other $35.00
Eberhart , Mignon. G. Danger Money. $15.00
Eckel, John C. Prime Pickwicks in Parts. Forward b $125.00
Edginton, May. Tropic Flower. $45.00
Edmonds, Harry The Rockets. ( Operation Manhattan $15.00
Edwards , George Wharton. Vanished Halls and Cathedrals of Fr $45.00
Egan , Leslie. Malicious Mischief. $15.00
Egan , Pierce. Show Folks. $60.00
Eich , Hermann The Unloved Germans. $15.00
Einstein, Albert. Cosmic Religion. $350.00
Einstein, Albert. Out Of My Later Years. $35.00
Einstein, Charles. A Flag For San Francisco. $35.00
Elderfield, John. Henri Matisse: A Retrospective. $75.00
Eliot, T.S. The Confidential Clerk. $175.00
Eliot, T.S. The Elder Statesman. A Play. $45.00
Eliot, T.S. Notes Towards The Definition Of Cul $175.00
Eliot, T.S. Poems. 1909 - 1925. $100.00
Ellik, Ron & Evans, Bill. The Universes Of  E.E. Smith. $75.00
Ellin, Stanley. The Blessington Method. $30.00
Elliott,Maud Howe. Art & Handcraft in The Womans Build $25.00
Elliott, Maud Howe. editor. Art & Handicraft in The Womans Buil $25.00
Ellis , Edward The Eye Of The Sun. $35.00
Ellis, Edward S. Wyoming. $20.00
Ellison, Harlan. Love Aint Nothing But Sex Misspelle $200.00
Ellison , Harlan. Stalking The Nightmare. ( Signed , $85.00
Ellison, Harlan. editor. Dangerous Visions. ( Signed  Copy ) $300.00
Ellsberg, Edward. On The Bottom. $35.00
Ellson , Hal. Tomboy. $40.00
Elting, Mary. Machines At work. Illust. by Laslo $20.00
Eluard, Paul. Picasso: His Inner Life. $15.00
Elwood, Roger. editor. Long Night Of Waiting. $25.00
Elwood, Roger & Moskowitz, Sam Strange Signposts. $20.00
Ely, Richard T. Outlines of Economics. Revised edit $10.00
Ende, Michael. The Neverending Story. $75.00
Engdahl, Sylvia Louise. Beyond The Tomorrow Mountains. $200.00
Engdahl, Sylvia Louise. The Doors Of The Universe. $50.00
Engdahl,Sylvia Louise. Enchantress From The Stars. $25.00
Engdahl, Sylvia Louise. The Far Side Of Evil. $225.00
Engdahl, Sylvia Louise. This Star Shall Abide. $45.00
Enstrom, Robert. Beta Colony. $20.00
Enstrom, Robert. Encounter Program. $20.00
Enters, Agnes. On Mime. $20.00
Enters, Angna Silly Girl. $15.00
Epstein, Edward Jay. Inquest. $20.00
Erickson , John R. The Hunter. $15.00
Esar , Evan. Esar's Comic Dictionary. $25.00
Eshbach, Lloyd Arthur. Of Worlds Beyond. ( Signed Copy ). $85.00
Eskew , Garnett Laidlaw. The Pageant Of The Packets. $75.00
Estleman , LOren. Motor City Blue. $75.00
Eton, Peter & Leasor, James. Wall Of Silence. $20.00
Ettlinger, Harold. Fair Fantastic Paris. $20.00
Evan, Paul. The Twisted Trail. $45.00
Evans, Jean. Three Men. $20.00
Evans, Walker. Walker Evans. $50.00
Evans, William. How To Memorize. $15.00
Ewen , David. The story Of George Gershwin $15.00
Fagan , James B. The Improper Duchess: A Modern Come $20.00
Fair , A.A. ( Earl Stanley Gar Bachelors Get Lonely. $50.00
Fairbrother, Nan. Men And Gardens. $20.00
Fairstar, Mrs.  editor. Memoirs of A London Doll. $20.00
Falkener , Edward. Ephesus and The Temple Of Diana. $750.00
Farca, Marie. C. Earth. $20.00
Farman, Elbert E. Egypt and It's Betrayal. $20.00
Farmer, Philip Jose. The Dark Design. ( Signed Proof Cop $100.00
Farmer, Philip Jose. The Fabulous Riverboat. $300.00
Farmer, Philip Jose. The Fabulous Riverboat. ( Signed Co $450.00
Farmer, Philip Jose. The Maker OF Universes. $20.00
Farmer, Philip Jose. The Unreasoning Mask. ( Signed Copy $45.00
Farrar, Stewart. The Sword Of Orley. $20.00
Farrell, Henry. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? $200.00
Farrell , James. A Misunderstanding. (autographed Co $60.00
Farrell , James T. Literature And Morality. $25.00
Farrell , James T. Reflections At Fifty. ( Autographed $50.00
Farrell , James T. When Boyhood Dreams Come True. $35.00
Farrington, S. Kip. Railroads Of The Hour. Intro. by Ri $65.00
Fast , Howard. Citizen Tom Paine. $20.00
Fast, Howard. The General Zapped An Angel. $20.00
Fast, Howard. The Story Of Lola Gregg.( SIGNED CO $75.00
Faulkner, William. The Hamlet. A novel of the Snopes F $750.00
Faulkner, William. Pylon. $85.00
Faulkner , William. The Reivers. $20.00
Faulkner, William. These Thirteen. $65.00
Faulkner, William. The Town. $200.00
Faulkner, William. The Town. $125.00
Faulkner, William. The Unvanquished. $200.00
Fearing , Joseph The Generous Heart. $35.00
Fed. Writers Pub. New York City Guide. $60.00
Federal Writers Project. Almanac For New Yorkers.  1938. $35.00
Federal Writers Project. Almanac For New Yorkers. $45.00
Federal Writers Project. Almanac For New Yorkers. $40.00
Feiffer, Jules. Passionella. $25.00
Feiffer, Jules Sick, Sick, Sick! $35.00
Feist, Raymond E. & Wurts, Jan Daughter Of The Empire. ( Signed Co $75.00
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence The Mexican Night. $20.00
Ferman, E.L. & Mills, Robert P Twenty Years of The Magazine Fantas $20.00
Ferman, Edward L. A 30 Year Retrospective of Fantasy $20.00
Ferman, Edward L. The Best Of Fantasy & Science Ficti $25.00
Ferman, Edward L. The Best From Fantasy & Science Fic $25.00
Ferman, & Malzberg. Arena Sports. $15.00
Fernandes , J.R. Yokohama Hood. $50.00
Ferrars, E.X. Sleep Of The Unjust. $10.00
Ferrier, Neil. editor. Churchill: The Man Of The Century. $25.00
Ferrigno , Robert. The Horse Lattitudes. $25.00
Field, Rachel All Through The Night $20.00
Field, Rachel. Calico Bush.Wood engravings by Alle $65.00
Finger, Charles J. A Dog At His Heel. $45.00
Finney , Charles G. Past The End Of The Pavement. $25.00
Finney, Jack. The Night People. ( Proof Copy ). $75.00
Finney,Jack. The Third level. ( Autographed Copy $1,500.00
Finney, Jack. The Woodrow Wilson Dime. ( Signed P $150.00
Finst , Rudy. Illustrated by T The Dancing Queen. $300.00
Firestone, Harvey S. Men And Rubber. The Story of Busine $35.00
Fischer, A.T. Window & Store Display.  A Handbook $20.00
Fish , Robert L. The Murder League. $20.00
Fisher, Lois. You And The United Nations. $45.00
Fisher, M.F.K. The Art Of Eating. $100.00
Fisher, Sydney George The True Benjamin Franklin. $20.00
Fiske , Isabelle Howe Songs Before Birth. $20.00
Fiske , Isabelle Howe Songs Before Birth. $20.00
Fitch , Florence Mary. A Book About God. Illustrated by Le $15.00
Fitch, Florence Mary. Their Search For God. $25.00
Fitzgerald, Edward. Polonius: A Collection of Wise Saws $200.00
Fitzgerald, F. Scott. Afternoon Of An Author. $30.00
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Flappers and Philosophers. $350.00
Fleg, Edmond. Why I Am A Jew. $25.00
Fleming, Ian. The Man With The Golden Gun. $125.00
Fleming , Ian. The Man With The Golden Gun. $25.00
Fleming, Ian. Octopussy. $25.00
Fletcher , Jerome. A Gerbil In The Hoover. $20.00
Flood, Richard T. Fighting Southpaw. $35.00
Foa, Madame Eugenie. The Boys Life Of Napoleon. $20.00
Fontaine , Don. Sugar On The Slate. $15.00
Foote, Horton. The Chase. $65.00
Forbes, Esther. Americas Paul Revere. Illustrated b $20.00
Ford, Charles Henri. The Garden of Disorder & Other Poem $125.00
Ford, Lauren. The Little Book About God. $150.00
Ford , William Wallace. ( Sign Wagon Soldier. $20.00
Foreman, Robert L. The Hot Half Hour. ( TV ) $20.00
Forester , C.S. The Captain From Connecticut. $40.00
Forester, C.S. The Good Shepherd. $25.00
Forester , Frank. The Complete Manual For Young Sport $150.00
Forster, E.M. Aspects Of The Novel. $20.00
Forster, E.M. Marianne Thornton: A Domestic Biogr $35.00
Forward, Robert L. Dragons Egg. $45.00
Foster, Alan Dean. Cat A Lyst. $15.00
Foster, Alan Dean. Splinter Of The Minds Eye. $85.00
Foster, C.E. Journey To The Future. $10.00
Foster, Genevieve. Abraham Lincoln. $20.00
Foster, Jeanne Robert. Rock Flower. ( Signed Copy). $125.00
Foster , Malcolm. The Prince With A Hundred Dragons. $35.00
Foster , Malcolm. The Prince With A Hundred Dragons. $35.00
Fothergill, John et al. The Fothergill Omnibus. ( Signed Co $200.00
Foulsham. Foulshams Card & Conjuring Tricks. $20.00
Fournier, Alain. The Wanderer. ( Le Grand Meaulnes). $20.00
Fowles , John The Collector. $50.00
Fox, Francis Margaret. Little Bear and His Friends. $25.00
Fox, Helen Morgenthau . Gardening With herbs for Flavor and $35.00
Fox, John Jr. The Little Shepard Of Kingdom Come. $45.00
Fox, Paula. The Little Swineherd and Other Tale $20.00
Fox, Robin. Le Poulet : A Rooster Who Laid Eggs $65.00
Francis, Dick. Flying Finish. $50.00
Francis , Dick Risk. $65.00
Frankau, Gilbert. Masterson. A Story Of An English Ge $20.00
Franklin. Sidney. Bull Fighter From Brooklyn. $25.00
Franqui, Carlos. Family Portrait With Fidel. $8.00
Fraprie, Frank & Woodbury, Wal Photographic Amusements. $35.00
Fraser , Antonia. Cool Repentance. $12.50
Fraser, Antonia. Cool Repentance. A Jemima Shore Mys $10.00
Freedman, Nancy. Joshua Son Of None. $25.00
Freeman, Frederick. Civilization and Barbarism: Illustr $85.00
Freeman , Ira Henry. Out Of The Burning. $35.00
Freeman, Mae. Gravity And The Astronauts. $15.00
Freeman , R. Austin. The D'Arblay Mystery. $65.00
Freeman , R. Austin. The Red Thumb Mark. $45.00
Freschet, Berniece The Flight Of The Snow Goose. $25.00
Freud , Anna & Burlingham , Do War And Children. ( Autographed Cop $850.00
Freud , Sigmund. Freud: On War, Sex and Neurosis. $60.00
Friedman, B.H. Jackson Pollock: Energy Made Visibl $40.00
Frommer, Harvey. Big Apple Baseball. An illustrated $35.00
Frost, Robert. Steeple Bush. $150.00
Frrington, S. Kip. Tony The Tuna. $12.50
Frye, Ralph. Uncle Lish. ( Signed Copy ). $35.00
Fugate, James Barr Game Of  Fools. $20.00
Fugate, James Barr Game Of Fools. $20.00
Furman, A.L. editor. Teen Age Outer Space Stories. $25.00
Gaiman, Neil. Adventures In The Dream Trade. ( Si $100.00
Gaither, Francis. The Red Cock Crows. $35.00
Gallico, Paul. Lou Gehrig: Pride Of The Yankees. $35.00
Galt, John. The Provost. illustrated by John M. $75.00
Gannett, Lewis. Cream Hill. Discoveries of A Weeken $20.00
Gannett, Ruth Stiles. My Father's Dragon. $20.00
Gardner, Alice. The Lascarides Of Nicaea. $150.00
Gardner, Erle Stanley. The Case of The Silent Partner. $175.00
Gardner, Erle Stanley. The Case Of The Silent Partner. $175.00
Gardner, Erle Stanley. TCOT Perjured Parrot. $35.00
Gardner , Erle Stanley. TCOT Screaming Woman. $20.00
Gardner, Erle Stanley. TCOT Substitute Face. $35.00
Gardner, Helen The Art of T.S. Eliot. $20.00
Gardner, John. Understrike. $20.00
Garland , George . The Eye Of The Needle. $20.00
Garland, Hamlin. A Son Of The Middle Border. ( Signe $85.00
Garner, Alan. The Owl Service. $50.00
Garner, Elvira. Ezekiel. $75.00
Garner, William Ditto Brother Rat! $20.00
Garson , Barbara. Mac Bird. $10.00
Garson , Barbara. Macbird! $20.00
Garson, Paul. The Great Quill. $20.00
Garvin, Richard & Addeo , Edmo The Midnight Special. The Legend Of $15.00
Gash, Joe. Newspaper Murders. $8.00
Gash, Jonathan Spend Game. $20.00
Gaskell, Jane. the Dragon. $20.00
Gaskell, Jane. The Serpent. $45.00
Gaskell, Jane. A Sweet Sweet Summer. $35.00
Gass, William H. Cartesian Sonata and Other Novellas $25.00
Gass, William H. In The Heart Of The Heart Of The Co $250.00
Gat, Dimitri V. The Shepherd Is My Lord. $20.00
Gates, Arthur & Huber , Miriam Peter And Peggy. Ill. by Beatrice E $15.00
Gaugin,Paul. Noa Noa. $75.00
Gauguin, Paul. Noa Noa. Translated From the French $75.00
Gaulden , Ray. McVey's Valley. $20.00
Gay, Jan. The Mutt Book. Illustrated by Zheny $35.00
General. Handbook For Scoutmasters. $20.00
Gentry,David. The Last Days of The Late Great Sta $25.00
Genung, John F. Stevenson's Attitude to Life. $25.00
Gerrold, David. The Man Who Folded Himself. $75.00
Gerrold, David. A Matter For men. $45.00
Gerrold, David. The Trouble With Tribbles.  ( signe $20.00
Gerrold, David. The World Of Star Trek. ( signed Co $20.00
Geston, Mark. S. The Siege Of Wonder. $20.00
Gibbons , Herbert Adams Paris Reborn. $15.00
Gibbs, Willa The Tender Men., $35.00
Gibson, William. Neuromancer. $300.00
Giesy, J.U. Jason , Son of Jason. $40.00
Gilbert, Stuart,  editor. Letters Of James Joyce. $35.00
Gill, B.M. Seminar For Murder. $10.00
Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes: A Play. $55.00
Gilligan , Edmund. The Ringed Horizon. $35.00
Gillmore, Margalo & Collinge, The B.O.W.S. The Barretts Of Wimpol $15.00
Gilman, Mildred. Sob Sister. ( Photoplay edition ). $85.00
Gilman, Robert Cham. The Navigator Of Rhada. $20.00
Gilman, Robert Cham. The Rebel Of Rhada. $25.00
Ginsburg, Mirra. editor. The Air Of Mars. $20.00
Ginsburg,Mirra. editor. Last Door To Aiya. Soviet Science f $20.00
Ginsburg, Mirra. editor. The Ultimate Threshold.Soviet Scien $20.00
Ginzburg, Ralph. An Unhurried View of Erotica. $25.00
Gipson , Fred. The Homeplace. $40.00
Girl Scouts Inc. The Girl Scout Game Book. $25.00
Givens, Seon. James Joyce: two decades of critici $45.00
Glasgow,Edwin. Sketches Of Magdalen College Oxford $25.00
Glasman, Kubec & Bright, John. Public Enemy. ( Photplay Edition). $20.00
Godden, Rumer. Breakfast With The Nikolides $20.00
Godden, Rumer Gone: A Thread Of Stories. $20.00
Godden, Rumer. Kingfishers Catch Fire. $35.00
Godden , Rumer Mr. McFadden's Halloween. $20.00
Godden, Rumer. The River. $55.00
Godden, Rumer. The Story Of Holly & Ivy. $75.00
Gogarty , Oliver St. J. As I Was Going Down Sackville Stree $45.00
Gohdes, Clarence. editor. Uncollected Lectures by Ralph Waldo $45.00
Gold, H.L.  editor. The World That Couldn't Be and 8 Ot $45.00
Gold, H.L. editor. ( Signed Co The World That Couldn't Be and Othe $45.00
Goldin, Stephen. Assault on The Gods. $15.00
Goldsborough, Robert. Murder In E Minor. $12.00
Goldsmith, Oliver. The Vicar of Wakefield. Illustrated $125.00
Goodenow, Earle. Angelo Goes To The Carnival. $75.00
Goodis , David Shoot The Piano Player. $10.00
Goodwin, John The Idols and The Prey: A Novel abo $35.00
Goodwin, John The Idols And The Prey: A Novel Of $30.00
Gordon, Jan & Cora. On Wandering Wheels. $25.00
Gordon, Richard The Captains Table. $25.00
Gordon , Richard. Doctor At Sea. $10.00
Gorey, Edward The Glorious Nosebleed. $45.00
Goron , M.F. The Truth About The Case. $50.00
Gosling, Paula. Hoodwink. $15.00
Goukart, Ron. The Sword Swallower. $45.00
Goulart, Ron. Brinkman. $25.00
Goulart, Ron. Crackpot. $25.00
Goulart, Ron. The Hellhound Project. $125.00
Goulart, Ron. Nutzenbolts. $25.00
Goulart, Ron. Whats Become of Screwloose & Other $20.00
Gould, Dorothea. Very First Aid. $50.00
Govan, Gilbert E. &  Livingwoo A Different Valor. The Story Of Gen $75.00
Govt. Printing Office. A Guide To The American Battle Fiel $45.00
Goyen , William. The Fair Sister. $35.00
Goyen , William. The Fair Sister. ( Signed ). $50.00
Grafton, Sue. F is For Fugitive. $75.00
Grafton, Sue. H Is For Homicide. ( Autographed ). $45.00
Grafton , Sue. I is For Innocent. $15.00
Graham, Dorothy Chinese Gardens. Gardens Of The Con $125.00
Graham, Margaret Bloy. Be Nice To Spiders. $10.00
Graham, Winston. The Riddle Of John Rowe. $75.00
Gramatky, Hardie. Little Toot. $10.00
Grant, Charles. The Ravens Of The Moon. $20.00
Grant, Charles. editor. Shadows 3. $20.00
Graves, Robert. Country Sentiment. $75.00
Graves, Robert. The Pier Glass. $75.00
Graves, Robert. Wife To Mr. Milton. $50.00
Gray, Jack Stearns. Up: A True Story of Aviation. ( Sig $450.00
Gray, Peter & Thetford, Owen. German Aircraft Of The First World $75.00
Gray, Westmoreland. Manhunt Trail. $50.00
Gray, William. & Artley, Sterl The New Fun With Dick & Jane. $150.00
Gray, William & Monroe, Marion Just Imagine! $20.00
Gray,William & Monroe, Marion Just Imagine. $25.00
Gray, William & Monroe , Mario More Time And Places. The New Basic $15.00
Grayson, David Adventures In Contentment. Illustra $15.00
Greaves, Richard P. Brewsters Millions. $45.00
Green, Hilton Charlotte Trees of The South. $20.00
Green, Joseph. An Affair With genius. $25.00
Green,Joseph. The Loafers Of Refuge. $50.00
Green, Roger Lancelyn. Fifty Years Of Peter Pan. $50.00
Greene, Graham. A Burnt Out Case. $50.00
Greene, Graham. May We Borrow Your Husband and Othe $20.00
Greene , Wilhelmina & Blomquis Fowers of The South: Native and Exo $35.00
Greenfield, Josh & Mazursky, P Harry And Tonto. $20.00
Greenhough, Terry. Time And Timothy Grenville. $15.00
Greenleaf , Stephen Fatal Obsession. $35.00
Greenman, Frrederick F. Wire-Tapping: It's Relation To Civi $40.00
Gregg, Alan The Mystery Of Flight 24. $45.00
Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason. Adrift on An Ice Pan. $25.00
Grey, Zane. Fighting Caravans / Photoplay Editi $30.00
Grey, Zane. Wanderer of The Wasteland.  ( Photo $35.00
Grieve, Mrs. M. Culinary Herbs And Condiments. How $20.00
Grimwood, Ken. Replay. $20.00
Grinnell, David. The Martian Missile. ( Review Copy $45.00
Grinnell, George Bird. The Story Of The Indian. $35.00
Grosz , George Ecce Homo. ( signed page). $150.00
Groth, John. Studio: Europe. $100.00
Grousset, Rene. De La Grece  A La Chine. $50.00
Gruelle, Johnny. Raggedy Ann In The Magic Book. illu $85.00
Guedalla, Philip. The Hundreth Year. $25.00
Guillaume, Paul & Munro, Thoma Primitive Negro Sculpture $150.00
Guittard, Helen. Something Was Missing. illustrated $55.00
Gulick , Bill. Treasure In Hell's Canyon. $30.00
Gummere, John. A Treatise on Surveying. It's Theor $100.00
Gunn, Neil M. Butcher's Broom. $35.00
Gutherie , A.B. These Thousand Hills. $20.00
Haas, Albert & Jackson, Don D. Bulls Bears And Dr. Freud. Why You $10.00
Haas, Ben The Troubled Summer. $85.00
Hachiya, Michihiko. M.D. Hiroshima Diary. Journal of A Japan $35.00
Hackman, H. A German Scholar In The East. Trave $35.00
Hadley, Arthur. T. The Joy Wagon. $20.00
Hadley, Arthur T. The Joy Wagon. $20.00
Haggard, H. Rider. Cleopatra: An Account of the Fall a $450.00
Haig-Brown, Roderick L. A River Never Sleeps. $25.00
Haining , Peter. editor. The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook. $25.00
Hajek, Von Lubor. Photos by We Utamaro. Das Portrat Im Japanischen $20.00
Haldeman, Joe. All MY Sins Remembered. $20.00
Haldeman, Joe. All My Sins Remembered. ( Signed Co $35.00
Haldeman, Joe. The Forever War. $500.00
Haldeman, Joe. The Hemingway Hoax. $20.00
Haldeman, Joe. Mindbridge. ( Signed Copy ). $45.00
Hale , Linda. The Glorious Christmas Soup Party. $10.00
Hale, Rev.E.E. & Hale, Miss Su A Family Flight Through Mexico. Ful $45.00
Hale, Rev. E.E. & Hale, Susan. A Family Flight Through Mexico. Ful $45.00
Haley , Alex. Roots. $45.00
Hall. Adam. ( Elleston Trever) The Volcanoes Of San Domingo. $75.00
Hall, Geoffrey Holiday The End Is Known. $35.00
Hall , Manly P. Shadow Forms. A Collection Of Occul $30.00
Hall, Manly P. Shadow Forms. Short Stories. $25.00
Halliday, Brett Blood On Biscayne Bay. $35.00
Halpine, Charles Greham. A Pilots Meteorology. $10.00
Hamilton, Virginia Sweet Whispers , Brother Rush. $20.00
Hammonds, Michael. Incident on The Way To A Killing. $15.00
Hanff , Helene The Duchess Of Bloomsbury Street. A $175.00
Hankey, Donald A Student In Arms. $15.00
Hanley, James. Ebb and Flood. ( Signed Limited ). $125.00
Hannum,Alberta. Paint The Wind. Paintings by Beatie $40.00
Hansen, Joseph. Skinflick. $15.00
Hardwick , Michael. Mr. Bellamy's Story. $125.00
Hardy , Thomas. Human Shows Far Phantasies, Songs A $50.00
Harlan, George & Fisher, Cleme Of Walking Beams And Paddle Wheels. $50.00
Harlow, William M. Twig Key To The Deciduous Woody Pla $15.00
Harris, John Norman. The Weird World of Wes Beattie. $20.00
Harris, Thomas. Silence Of The Lambs. $75.00
Harris, Thomas. Silence Of The Lambs. $45.00
Harris , Walter. Clovis. $15.00
Harrison, Frederic. The Choice of Books. $15.00
Harrison, Harry. The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge. $50.00
Harrison, Jim The Road Home. $25.00
Harrison, Jim. Wolf. $175.00
Harriss , Will. Timor Mortis. $15.00
Hart, George L. Twenty - Second Republican National $25.00
Hart, William S. My Life East And west. $300.00
Harte, Bret. Salomy Jane. ( Photoplay  Edition ) $45.00
Harvey, Harry B. Claude Of France: The Story Of Debu $25.00
Hatch, Alden & Keene, Foxhall. Full Tilt: The Sporting Memoirs of $100.00
Hatch, Eric. Two And Two Is Six. $20.00
Hatch, Eric. Two And Two Is Six. $20.00
Hausman, Gerald. Sitting On The Blue Eyed Bear. Nava $15.00
Haweis, H.R. American Humorists. $25.00
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Doctor Grimshawes Secret. $125.00
Hay, John Nature's Year: The Seasons Of Cape $15.00
Hays, H.R. Stranger On The Highway. SIGNED COP $250.00
Hazelton, George C. Mistress Nell: A Merry Tale Of A Me $20.00
Heal , Edith. What To Jenny? illustrated by  Abbi $20.00
Hearn, Lafcadio Talks To Writers. $25.00
Hecht , Ben To Quito And Back. $100.00
Heermance, Edgar Laing. The Time Stream. A Voyager Takes A $20.00
Heide, Florence & Van Clief , The Day It Snowed In Summer. $20.00
Heide, Florence & Van Clief, S The New Neighbor. illustrated by Je $20.00
Hein , Robert A. Three By Heinlein. $425.00
Heinlein, Robert. Friday. $15.00
Heinlein, Robert. I Will Fear No Evil. $125.00
Heinlein, Robert Rocket Ship Galileo $1,000.00
Heinlein ,Robert. Rocketship Galileo. $1,000.00
Heinlein, Robert. The Star Beast. $300.00
Heinlein, Robert. Universe. $100.00
Heinlein, Robert A. Farmer In The Sky. $375.00
Heinlein, Robert A. Friday. $15.00
Heinlein , Robert A. I Will Fear No Evil. $100.00
Heinlein, Robert A. The Man Who Sold The Moon. $250.00
Heinlein, Robert A. Rocket Ship Galileo. $650.00
Heinlein , Robert A. The Sixth Column. $650.00
Heinlein , Robert A. The Unpleasant Profession of Jonath $200.00
Helmore, Thomas. Affair At Quala. $25.00
Hemingway, Ernest. The Sun Also Rises. $750.00
Hemingway, Ernest. The Viking Portable Hemingway. $85.00
Henderson, Fred. Capitalism and The Consumer. ( Sign $20.00
Henderson, Helen W. A Loiterer In New York. $35.00
Henderson , Ruth Evelyn. Whistle Of Day.  Signed Copy. $35.00
Henderson , Zenna. Pilgrimage: The Book oF The People. $350.00
Henley, W.E. The Song of The Sword. $75.00
Henry , Marguerite . Geraldine Belinda. Illustrated by R $45.00
Herbert , Brian & Anderson, Ke Dune: House Harkonnen. $30.00
Herbert< Frank. Chapterhouse Dune. $15.00
Herbert, Frank. Dune. $5,000.00
Herbert , Frank. Dune. Masterwork. $20.00
Herbert, Frank. The God Makers. $100.00
Herbert, Frank. The Santaroga Barrier. $35.00
Herbert, Frank. The Santaroga Barrier. $25.00
Herment, George. The Pipe.  A Treatise On The Histor $12.00
Herrington,  Lee. Carry My Coffin Slowly. $20.00
Hersey , Jean. The Shape Of A Year. $10.00
Hersey, John. A Bell For Adano. $25.00
Hersey , John. The Child Buyer. $25.00
Hess, Thomas B. Willem deKooning. $20.00
Heward, Constance . illustrate Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella. $150.00
Hewlett, Maurice. Songs And Meditations. $45.00
Heyn , Ernest V. Twelve Sport Immortals. $25.00
Heyward, Dubose. Jasbo Brown and Selected Poems. $20.00
Heyward , Dubose. Mamba's Daughters. A Novel Of Charl $85.00
Hibbard, Addison. The Lyric South. $35.00
Hicks, Granville There Was A Man In Our Town. $20.00
Hiffman, Abbie Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture ( $35.00
Higgins, George V. The Judgement of Deke Hunter. $15.00
Higgins , Henry H. Shados to the Unseen. $25.00
Higginson , A. Henry Letters From An Old Sportsman To A $35.00
Higginson , A. Henry Letters From An Old Sportsman To A $35.00
Hill, George Canning. Benedict Arnold. A Biography $75.00
Hill, Headon. The Embassy Case. $75.00
Hill, Katharine. Case For Equity. $20.00
Hillerman, Tony. Words, Weather and Wolfmen. Convers $350.00
Hillier, J. Utamaro. $45.00
Hills, Verna. Here, Suzy! $20.00
Hilton, James. We Are Not Alone. $35.00
Himes, Chester. All Shot Up. $45.00
Himes, Chester. The Big Gold Dream. $50.00
Himes, Chester. The Crazy Kill. $50.00
Himes , Chester. Pinktoes. $65.00
Himes , Chester. Pinktoes. $75.00
Hind, C. Lewis. Days In Cornwall. $25.00
Hinde ,thomas Happy As Larry. $20.00
Hirsch, Richard. Crimes That Shook The World. $15.00
Hirsh, Joseph & Beka, Dorothy. The Mount Sinai Hospital of New Yor $20.00
Hirsh , Marilyn. Ben Goes Into Business. $20.00
Hirshberg & Aaronson. As High As My Heart. The Sammy Aaro $50.00
Hitchens, Dolores. The Abductor. $20.00
Hockney, David. Hockney Posters. $35.00
Hodder-Williams, Christopher The Prayer Machine. $20.00
Hodge, Aiken Joan. Here Comes A Candle. $20.00
Hodgell, P.C. God Stalk. $250.00
Hodges, Margaret. The Gorgons Head. illustrated by Ch $30.00
Hodgson, Fred The Steel Square: A Practical Treat $15.00
Hoff. Eight Little Artists. $20.00
Hoffenberg, Jack. Sow Not In Anger. $20.00
Hoffman, Lee. Change Song. $30.00
Hoffman , Lee & Chandler, A, B Up To The Sky In Ships. $35.00
Hogner, Dorothy Childs Herbs From The Garden. $20.00
Hoke, Helen. Demons Within. $20.00
Holbein, Hans The younger. Danse Macabre. $45.00
Holbrook, Stewart H. Mr. Otis. $20.00
Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay The Virgin Huntress. $15.00
Holisher, Desider. Pilgrams Path: The Story Of Plymout $10.00
Holland, J.G. The Life Of Abraham Lincoln. $55.00
Holling Clancy, Holling. Pagoo. $85.00
Holly, J. Hunter. The Dark Enemy. $25.00
Holly, J. Hunter. The Dark Planet. $25.00
Holly, J. Hunter. Encounter $25.00
Holm. Sven. Termush. $20.00
Holmes, John Haynes Gandhi's Letters To A Disciple. $25.00
Holroyd, Michael. A Dogs Life. $45.00
Honey, W.B. ( Signed Limited E Many Occasions. Essays Towards the $45.00
Hoover , Herbert. The Challenge To Liberty. $20.00
Hoover, J. Edgar. Persons In Hiding. ( Autographed Co $110.00
Hopkins, Lee Bennett Zoo! A Book Of Poems. $20.00
Hopkins, Lee Bennett Zoo! A Book Of Poems. $20.00
Horler, Sydney. The Mystery Of The Seven Cafes. 193 $175.00
Horne, Charles F. & Austin , W Source Records of The Great War. $50.00
Hornung , E.W. Mr. Justice Raffles. $60.00
Horwitz , Julius. The City. $15.00
Hoskins, Robert. The Shattered People. $10.00
Hottes, Alfred The Book Of Annuals. $10.00
Hottes, Alfred. The Book Of Perennials. $10.00
Housman, A.E. A Shropshire Lad. $10.00
Housman, Laurence. Echo de Paris. $30.00
Howard, Janet Jumpy The Kangaroo. Illustrated by $20.00
Howard, Robert E. The Coming Of Conan. $250.00
Howard, Robert E. Conan The Barbarian. $150.00
Howard, Robert E. King Conan. $250.00
Howard, Robert E. The Sword Of Conan. $250.00
Hoyle, Fred. October The First Is Too Late. $25.00
Hoyle, Fred & Elliot, John. A For Andromeda. $45.00
Hoyle, Fred & Hoyle, Geoffrey. Rockets In Ursa Major. $20.00
Hoyle, Fred & Hoyle, Geoffrey. Seven Steps To The Sun. $45.00
Hubbard, L. Ron. Death's Deputy. $150.00
Hubbard, L. Ron. Dianetics. The Modern Science Of me $500.00
Hubbard, L. Ron. Mission Earth # 5. Fortune Of Fear. $25.00
Hubbard, L. Ron. Mission Earth # 8.  Disaster. ARC. $25.00
Hubbard , Margaret Ann. Murder Takes The Veil. $10.00
Hudson, Alma. Peter Rabitt In Mother Goose Land. $75.00
Hudson, William Henry. Far Away And Long Ago. The story of $450.00
Hughes , Langston Black Misery. $25.00
Hughes, Richard. The Fox in The Attic. $45.00
Hugo , Victor Ninety Three. $250.00
Humphrey, William. My Moby Dick. $20.00
Humphries , Rolfe. New Poems by American Poets. $20.00
Hunt, M.A. How To Grow Cut Flowers. $20.00
Hunt, Peter. Peter Hunt's Cape Cod Cookbook. $25.00
Hunter, Evan. Buddwing. $12.00
Hunter, Evan. Buddwing. $12.00
Hunter , Evan. Happy New Year Herbie & Other Stori $20.00
Hunter, Evan. ( Ed McBain). Find The Feathered Serpent. $250.00
Hunter, Evan. ( pseudo. Ed McB Find The Feathered Serpent. $225.00
Hunter, Jack D. The Expendable Spy. $25.00
Hunter,Kristen. God Bless The Child. $25.00
Hurlbert, William Henry. General McClellan and The Conduct O $65.00
Husted , Mary Irving Cunning Cunning And His Merry Comra $25.00
Huston, McCready Salesman From The Sidelines.Being T $10.00
Hutchins, Patricia. Ezra Pound's Kensington.An Explorat $25.00
Hutchinson , A.S.M. Once Aboard The Lugger. $10.00
Huxley, Aldous Brave New World. $175.00
Huxley, Aldous. The Genious and The Goddess $25.00
Huxley,Aldous The Genius And The Goddess $40.00
Huxley , Elspeth. The African Poison Murders. $100.00
Huxley , Elspeth The African Poison Murders. $100.00
Huxley, Thomas H. On The Origin Of The Species or, Th $45.00
Inman, Colonel Henry & Cody , The Great Salt Lake Trail. $125.00
Innes, Michael. One Man Show. $15.00
Innis, Pauline. Ernestine or The Pig In The Potting $10.00
Ipcar, Dahlov. The Warlock Of Night. $35.00
Irish, William. Deadline At Dawn.  ( Photoplay edit $45.00
Irvine, William. Apes, Angels & Victorians. A Joint $20.00
Irwn, Florence. The Complete Auction Player. $20.00
Iyer, Rao Bahadur... Lectures On Ethnography. $20.00
Jackson, Charles Tenney. Captain Sazarac: Eagle Of The Sea. $20.00
Jackson , Shirley. The Haunting of Hill House. $625.00
Jackson, Alan R. East 57th Street. $20.00
Jackson, Alan R. Perdita, Get Lost. $20.00
Jacobs, Hayes B.  editor. New Voices '64. $10.00
Jacobs, M. Notes On The Rebel Invasion of Mary $75.00
Jacobson, Daniel. Great Indian Tribes. $10.00
Jacot , Michael. The Last Butterfly. $15.00
Jakes, John. Time Gate. $75.00
James, Breni $22.00
James, Breni Night of The Kil. $25.00
James, Henry. Partial Protraits. $150.00
James, Henry. The Question of Our Speech. The Les $35.00
James, M.R. Selected Ghost Stories. $10.00
James, P.D. The Skull Beneath The Skin $20.00
James, P.D. The Skull Beneath The Skin. ( Signe $45.00
James, Will Lone Cowboy: My Life Story. $45.00
Janifer, Laurence M. Reel. $20.00
Janis, Harriet & Sidney. Picasso: The Recent Years. 1939 - 1 $25.00
Janosch. The Magic Auto. $40.00
Jarrell, Randall. The Third Book Of Criticism. $35.00
Jasen , David A. editor. ( Sig The Swoop and Other Stories By P.G. $175.00
Jenkins, Stephen. The Old Boston Post Road. $45.00
Jennison, Keith. New York and The State It's In. $20.00
Jensen , Oliver. Carrier War. $45.00
Jerrold , Douglas. Fireside Saints: Mr. Caudle's Break $40.00
Jesse, John Heneage. George Selwyn & His Contemporaries. $25.00
Johns, Rowland. editor. Our Friend The BullDog. $45.00
Johnson , Crokett. Barnaby And Mr. O'Malley $150.00
Johnson, I.D. A Guide To Homoeopathic Practice De $75.00
Johnson , I.D. M.D. A Guide To Homoeopathic Practice De $75.00
Johnson, Jack. Jack Johnsoon: In The Ring and Out. $150.00
Johnson, Owen. The Humming Bird. $75.00
Johnston, Henry P. The Yorktown Campaign and The Surre $65.00
Johnston , Johanna. Whales Way. illustrated by Leonard $25.00
Johnston , Stanley Queen Of The Flat-tops. The U.S.S. $20.00
Jolas, Eugene. Transition. June 1936. $45.00
Jolas, Eugene. editor. Transition 1932. $125.00
Jolas, Eugene. editor. Transition 22. February. $100.00
Jolas, Eugene. editor. Transition. April-May # 27. 1938. $250.00
Jolas, Eugene. editor. Transition. A Quarterly Review. Win $250.00
Jones, D.F. Colossus. $60.00
Jones, D.F. The Fall Of Colossus. $35.00
Jones, Douglas The Court-Martial of George Armstro $20.00
Jones, G. Wayman. Alias Mr. Death. $45.00
Jones, James. From Here To Eternity. $175.00
Jones, Langdon.  editor. The New S.F. $125.00
Jones , Peter C. The Changing Face Of America. $30.00
Jones, Stephen & Newman, Kim. Horror : 100 Best Books. $25.00
Jones, Virgil Carrington. Gray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders. ( Si $100.00
Joseph, Michael. Cat's Company. $10.00
Joyce, James. Exiles. $20.00
Juster , Norton. The Phantom Tollbooth. $375.00
Kafka, Franz. Metamorphosis. $450.00
Kahn, Roger. editor. The Wolrd Of John Lardner. $20.00
Kane, Henry Edge Of Panic. $20.00
Kane, Henry. Until You Are Dead. $20.00
Kaneko, Hisakazu. Manjiro. The Man Who Discovered Ame $25.00
Keating, H.R.F. The Boys In The Billiard Room. $15.00
Keene, Carolyn. The Witch Tree Symbol. $30.00
Kelland, Clarence Budington. Sugarfoot. A Breathless Story Of Ar $150.00
Kelleam,Joseph. When The Red King Woke. $20.00
Kelley, Sam The adventures Of Walter M. Duffle $35.00
Kellogg, Louise Phelps. Early Narratives of the  Northwest. $25.00
Kemble, Francis Anne. Journal Of A Residence On A Plantat $150.00
Kendrick , Baynard. You Die Today $30.00
Keneally, Thomas. Bring Larks And Heroes. $35.00
Kenyon , MIchael. A Healthy Way To Die. $15.00
Kerouac , Jack. Doctor Sax. $30.00
Kerouac, Jack. Maggie Cassidy. $50.00
Kerouac, Jack. Tristessa. $75.00
Kerr, Ben. Shakedown. $15.00
Kerr, Sophie. Miss J. Looks On. $55.00
Kessler, Leonard. Here Comes The Strikeout. $20.00
Kesterton, David. The Darkling. $20.00
Key, Alexander. The Golden Enemy. $75.00
Key, Alexander . The Incredible Tide. $225.00
Kiernan, Thomas. The Miracle At Cogans Bluff. $25.00
Kiesel, Stanley. The Pearl Is A Hardened Sinner. $20.00
Kijewski, Karen. Katwalk. $225.00
King, Stephen. Desperation. $65.00
King, Stephen. Gerald's Game. ( Advance Publishers $100.00
King, Stephen. Salem's Lot. $850.00
King, Stephen. The Stand. $275.00
King , Stephen. The Stand. $350.00
Kinsella, W.P. Shoeless Joe. $250.00
Kipling, Rudyard. The Years Between. $85.00
Kirkham, Stanton Davis. Cruising Around The World and The S $45.00
Kirkwood, James. Good Times/ Bad Times. $50.00
Kirkwood, Jim. There Must Be a Pony. $25.00
Kirstein, Lincoln. The Latin American Collection of th $20.00
Kitterege, George Lyman. Shakespeare: An Address, Delivered $20.00
Kitto , John The History Of Palestine, From the $45.00
Klein, T.E.D. Ceremonies. $35.00
Klein, T.E.D. Dark Gods. $25.00
Kline, Otis Adelbert. Planet of Peril. $45.00
Kline, Otis Adelbert. Prince Of Peril. $40.00
Kluge , P.F. Eddie And The Cruisers. $85.00
Kluger, Richard National Anthem. $20.00
Kluver, Billy & Martin, Julie. Ki Ki's Paris. Artists and Lovers 1 $75.00
Knebel, Fletcher, & Bailey, Ch Seven Days In May. ( Proof Copy ). $75.00
Knebel, Fletcher, &  Bailey, C Seven Days In May. $125.00
Knight, Arthur. The Liveliest Art: A Panoramic Hist $15.00
Knight, Damon. The Best From Orbit. $20.00
Knight, Damon. A For Anything. $20.00
Knight, Damon. Late Knight Edition. ( Signed . Lim $75.00
Knight, Damon. Perchance To Dream. $20.00
Knight, Damon. Three Novels. $20.00
Knight, Damon. Turning On. $35.00
Knight, Damon. editior. The Dark Side. $20.00
Knight, Damon. editor. Cities of Wonder. $25.00
Knight, Damon. editor. Science Fiction of The 30's. $20.00
Knight, Damon. editor. Worlds To Come. $15.00
Knight, Stephen. The Final Solution. Jack The Ripper $45.00
Knight, Damon Far Out. $50.00
Knopf, Alfred A. Sixty Photographs: To Celebrate the $25.00
Knowles , John. The Paragon. $25.00
Knox, Thomas W. The Boy Travellers  In Mexico. $75.00
Koestler, Arthur. Arrow In The Blue. $20.00
de Kooning Drawings. $45.00
Koontz,Dean. Cold Fire. ( Limited Signed Edition $150.00
Koontz, Dean. Cold Fire. ( Signed Limited Edition $175.00
Koontz, Dean. Nightmare Journey. $150.00
Koontz, Dean. The Vision. $100.00
Koontz, Dean. as Dwyer K.R. Dragon Fly. $100.00
Koontz, Dean R. Nightmare Journey. $175.00
Kopper, Philip. Smithsonian Book of North American $25.00
Kornbluth, C.M. The Syndic. $35.00
Kornbluth, Cyril. Takeoff! $45.00
Kornbluth, Cyril M. Not This August. $50.00
Kornbluth, Cyril. M. Takeoff! $35.00
Kornbluth, Mary. Science Fiction Showcase. $75.00
Kosinski, Jerzy. Being There. $35.00
Kotzwinkle, William The Exile $10.00
Kotzwinkle, William & Mathison E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. ( Proof $250.00
Kramer, Hilton. Arts YearBook 3. Paris / New York. $45.00
Krantz, Judith. Princess Daisy $25.00
Kraus, Herbert. The Crisis of German Democracy. A S $45.00
Kraus , Michael. Intercolonial Aspects of American C $25.00
Krauss , Ruth Open House For Butterflies. $150.00
Krauss, Ruth; Illustrated by M I'll Be You And You Be Me. $175.00
Kreisler , Fritz. Four Weeks In The Trenches. The war $75.00
Kuncewiczowa, Maria. The Keys: A Journey Thru Europe At $25.00
Kuo , Paul. Formosan Vignette. 9 Signed copy). $45.00
Kurland, Michael. editor. The Best of Avram Davidson. $25.00
Lackey , Eunice Lucky Blacky. Illustrated by Winifr $20.00
Lacy , Ed. The Best That Ever Did It. $20.00
Lafferty , R.A. Strange Doings. $35.00
Lafferty , R.A. Strange Doings. $35.00
Lafferty, R.A. Through Elegant Eyes. $45.00
Laird, Jenny. James and Macarthur. $20.00
Lamb, Charles. The Book of the Ranks and Dignities $45.00
L'Amour,Louis. The Key Lock Man. $7.00
L'Amour , Louis. Kid Rodelo. $8.00
Lamport , Felicia Cultural Slag. Illustrated by Edwar $35.00
Landsdale, Joe R. & LoBrutto , Razored Saddles. $65.00
Lang, Andrew. Letters To Dead Authors. $45.00
Lang,W.H. Romance of Empire Australia. illust $45.00
Lanier, Clifford. Apollo & Keats. $30.00
Lanier, Sterling. Hiero's Journey $50.00
Lanning, George. The Pedestal. $20.00
Larence, D.H. The Prussian Officer And Other Stor $60.00
Lariar , Lawrence. Golf And be Damned. $10.00
Lartigue, Jacques Henri. The photographs of Jacques Henri La $15.00
Laskier, Frank. Log Book. $35.00
Lasky, Jesse L. & Weldon, Don. I Blow My Own Horn. Colorful Half C $45.00
Lathen, Emma Ashes To Ashes. $25.00
Laume, Keith. Nine By Laumer. $45.00
Laumer, Keith. The Day Before Forever & Thunderhea $85.00
Laumer, Keith. Dinosaur Beach. $35.00
Laumer, Keith. Galactic Diplomat. $125.00
Laumer, Keith. The House In November. $40.00
Laumer, Keith. The Long Twilight. $30.00
Laumer, Keith. Night of Delusions. $35.00
Laumer, Keith. Night of Delusions. $45.00
Laumer, Keith. Once There Was A Giant. $45.00
Laumer, Keith. Retief: Ambassador To Space. $85.00
Laumer, Keith. Retief of The CDT. $75.00
Laumer, Keith. Retief and The Warlords. $85.00
Laumer, Keith. The Shape Changer. $20.00
Laumer, Keith. The Star Treasure. $85.00
Laumer, Keith. Time Trap. $85.00
Laumer, Keith. The World Shuffler. $30.00
Laumer, Keith Worlds Of Imperium. $45.00
Laurents,Arthur The Way We Were. $25.00
Lawrence,  Frieda Not I But The Wind. $85.00
Leachman, Harden Bryant. The Early Advertising Scene. $35.00
LeBlanc , Maurice. The Golden Triangle. $30.00
LeBlanc, Maurice. The Golden Triangle. Return Of Arsi $35.00
LeBlanc, Maurice. The Hollow Needle. $75.00
LeBlanc,Maurice. Wanton Venus. $250.00
LeCarre , John. The Night Manager. $20.00
Lee, Babs. Measured For Murder. $20.00
Lee, Tanith. Unsilent Night. ( Signed copy ). $125.00
Lee, W. Storrs. Father Went College. The Story of M $45.00
Leech, John. Pictures of Life and Charactor. Fro $45.00
LeGuin et Al. edited by. ( aut Gifts Of Blood. The Collected Stori $25.00
LeGuin, Ursula. The Word For World Is Forest. $85.00
LeGuin, Ursula K. The Lathe Of Heaven. $350.00
Lehmann , John,  editor. Orpheus: A Symposium Of The Arts. $20.00
Leiber, Fritz. Gather Darkness. ( Signed Copy ). $35.00
Leiber, Fritz Our Lady Of Darkness. $45.00
Leiber, Fritz. Rime Isle. $45.00
Leinster , Murray. The Forgotten Planet. $50.00
Leinster , Murray The Forgotten Planet $50.00
Leinster , Murray. Sidewise In Time. ( Signed Copy ). $125.00
Leinster, Murray. Space Platform. ( Signed Copy ). $200.00
Lem, Stanislaw. The Futurological Congress. $25.00
Lennon , John. Lennon Remembers: The Rolling Stone $20.00
Lennon , John Skywriting By Word Of Mouth. $20.00
Lenski, Lois. The Easter Rabbit's Parade. ( Signe $350.00
Lenski, Lois. Indian Captive.The Story Of Mary Je $25.00
Lentz, Harold B. The Pop Up Cinderella. ( In The RAR $750.00
Lenz,Sidney S. Lenz On Contract Bridge. $20.00
Leonard, Elmore. Bandits. ( Advance Readers copy fro $35.00
Leonard, Elmore. City Primeval. $25.00
Leonard, Elmore. Get Shorty. ( Inscribed Copy ). $75.00
Leonard , Elmore. Get Shorty. ( signed copy). $40.00
Leonard, Elmore. Glitz. ( Signed Copy ). $25.00
Leonard, Elmore. Stick. $20.00
Lerner , Max. Public Journal: Marginal Notes On W $15.00
Leslie, Shane. The Skull Of Swift. An Extempore Ex $20.00
Lessner, Erwin. A Fictional Hi Phantom Victory. $20.00
Lethem , Jonathan The Wall Of The Sky The Wall Of The $22.00
Levi, M. Carolissa. Chippewa Indians. ( autographed). $35.00
Levi, Peter. & Photos by Bruce The Light Garden Of The Angel King. $45.00
Levin, Harry. James Joyce. $15.00
Levin ,Ira. Rosemary's Baby. ( Signed Copy). $450.00
Levin, Meyer. The Fanatic. $20.00
Lewis , Arthur. It Was Fun While It lasted. $15.00
Lewis, C.S. An Experiment In Criticism. $75.00
Lewis, C.S. An Experiment In Criticism. $75.00
Lewis , Lloyd. Sherman: Fighting Prophet. $30.00
Lewis, Peter. Squadron Histories $35.00
Lewise, C.S. The Horse and His Boy. $550.00
Lewisohn, Ludwig. Holy Land: A Story. $15.00
Lieberman, William S. Edvard Munch: A Selection of His Pr $20.00
Lieberman, William S. Etchings By Matisse. $20.00
Lieberman, William S. Max Ernst. $15.00
Lightner, A.M. The Rock Of Three Planets $45.00
Limbach, Russell. But Once a Year. $20.00
Lindbergh , Anne Morrow The Wave Of The Future. A Confessio $65.00
Lindsay , Vachel. The Golden Whales Of California. $35.00
Lindsay, Vachel. The Golden Whales of California and $35.00
Littauer, Captain Vladimir S. Schooling Your Horse. $45.00
Little , Jane. Spook. $25.00
Llosa Vargas, Mario. Captain Pantoja And The Special Ser $35.00
Lobel , Anita. Potatoes Potatoes. $40.00
Lockridge, Norman Lese Majesty: The Private Lives Of $15.00
Lockridge, Richard The Tenth Life. $15.00
Lockridge, Ross. Raintree County. $200.00
Lockwood , Frank C. The Life Of Edward E. Ayer. $75.00
Lodge, Henry Cabot & Roosevelt Hero Tales From American History. $35.00
Loeb, Harold A. Doodab. $600.00
Lomax, Bliss. Secret Of The wastelands. $75.00
London , Jack. The Faith Of Men and Other Stories. $225.00
Long, Charles. The Infinite Brain. $20.00
Long, Haniel. Pinon Country. $40.00
Long , Margaret. Louisville Saturday. $75.00
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. The Courtship Of MIles Standish. il $65.00
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. The Courtship Of Miles Standish. $60.00
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Tales Of The Wayside Inn. $85.00
Longstreth, T. Morris. The Silent Force. $20.00
Looker , S.J. Jefferies England. $25.00
Lorca, Federico Garcia. The Poet In New York. $35.00
Louv'a.  illustrated by H. Gue Animals I Like. $10.00
Lovecraft, H.P. The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath. $50.00
Lovecraft, H.P. To Quebec and The Stars. edited by $50.00
Lovecraft, H.P. & Divers Hands The Shuttered Room & Other Pieces. $1,500.00
Lovette, Leland P. Naval Customs Traditions and Usage. $25.00
Low, Joesph. There Was A Wise Crow. $15.00
Lowndes, Robert W. Believers World. $50.00
Lowry , Malcolm. October Ferry To Gabriola. $20.00
Lowther, George The Adventures Of Superman. $1,000.00
Lubell, Winfred & Cecil. The Tall Grass Zoo. $10.00
Lucas, George. Star Wars. $350.00
Lumley, Brian. The Horror At Oakdeene & Others. $35.00
Lupoff, Richard A. Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master Of Adv $250.00
Lupoff, & Thompson, Don. edito All In Color For A Dime. ( History $25.00
Lynch,Hannah The Great Galeoto and Folly or Sain $50.00
Lyons, Arthur. Dead Ringer. $45.00
Lyons, Arthur. Fast Fade. A Jacob Asch Mystery. ( $25.00
Lyons , Arthur. Other People's Money. ( Unc. Proof) $20.00
Lyons , Mary E. Sorrow's Kitchen. The Life And Folk $15.00
Lyttton, David The Goddam White Man $25.00
Lyttton, David The Goddam White Man $25.00
Macdonald , George. The Light Princess. Illustrated by $40.00
MacDonald, John D. Condominium. ( Signed Copy ). $200.00
MacDonald, John D. The Good Old Stuff. $15.00
MacDonald, Ross. The Blue Hammer. $20.00
Macdonald , Ross The Blue Hammer. $20.00
Macdonald , Ross Sleeping Beauty. $25.00
Macdonald, Ross. The Underground Man. $25.00
MacDonald, Wilson. Out Of The Wilderness. ( Signed Cop $20.00
MacDonald, John D. A Purple place For Dying. $200.00
Macfadden , Bernarr. Hair Culture. $25.00
Macfadden, Bernarr. The Truth About Tobacco. $10.00
Macinnes,  Helen. Neither Five Nor Three. $35.00
MacKellar, William. A Very Small Miracle. $20.00
MacLean, Katherine. Missing Man. $20.00
Macleish, Archibald. Air Raid. A Verse Play For Radio. $20.00
MacLeish, Archibald. Land Of The Free. $150.00
Macnee, Patrick. The Avenger Returns. Blind In One E $45.00
Macy , Juliette. Deux Enfants A La Mer. $25.00
Madison, Lucy Foster. Lincoln. illustrated by Frank Schoo $75.00
Mailer , Norman. The BullFight. A photographic narra $25.00
Mais, S.P.B. The English Scene Today. $15.00
Malamud, Bernard. The Tenants. $20.00
Malevinsky, M.L. The Science Of Playwriting. $60.00
Malkus, Alida Sims. The Citadel Of A Hundred Stairways. $20.00
Malloch , D. Macleod The Book Of Glasgow Anecdote. $65.00
Malzberg, Barry. editor. The Best Of Damon Knight. $20.00
Mankiewicz, Don. Trial. ( signed copy ). $35.00
Mankiewicz, Don. M. Trial. ( Signed Limited Edition ). $25.00
Mann, Arthur. La Guardia Comes To Power: 1933. $20.00
Mann, Thomas. Joseph The Provider. $45.00
Manning - Sanders, Ruth Seaside England $25.00
Mannix, Daniel P. The Killers. Story of A Fighting Co $15.00
Mantle, Mickey & Pepe, Phil. My Favorite Summer. $15.00
Mantley, john. The 27th Day. $25.00
Mariana Miss Flora McFlimsey's Birthday $75.00
Markham, Edwin. The Man With The Hoe and Other Poem $150.00
Marlowe, Derek. Echoes Of Celandine $25.00
Marlowe , Kenneth. Mr. Madam. Confessions of  a Male M $15.00
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Innocent Erendira and Other Stories $25.00
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. No One Writes The Colonel and Other $750.00
Marsh , Ngaio. Clutch Of Constables $25.00
Martin, Bruce The Texas Twister. $15.00
Martin, George R.R. A Clash Of Kings. $20.00
Martin, Patricia Miles. Sylvester Jones and The Wonderful F $30.00
Marx, Groucho & Arce, Hector. The Secret Word Is Groucho. $20.00
Marx, Harpo. Harpo Speaks! $25.00
Masefield, John. The Dream. illustrated by Judith Ma $35.00
Masefield, John. Gallipoli. $20.00
Masereel, Frans. Geschichte ohne Worte. A Novel in W $20.00
Mason , A.E.W. The Three Gentlemen. $25.00
Mason , Bernard S. & Kock ,Fre Cabins , Cottages , and Summer Home $15.00
Mass, Abe. illustrated by Robe Rubi, The Jungle Boy & The Lion Tha $20.00
Masur, Harold Q. You Can't Live Forever. $45.00
Matheson, Richard. The Beardless Warriors. ( Signed Co $275.00
Matheson, Richard. I Am Legend. $45.00
Matheson,Robert. A Handbook Of The Mosquitoes of Nor $20.00
Mathews , John Joseph. Sundown $325.00
Mathews, Mitford M. A Dictionary of Americanisms on His $75.00
Mathieson, Theodore. The Devil And Ben Franklin. $35.00
Matson, Norman. Doctor Fogg. $25.00
Matthews, Brander. The Story Of A Story and Other Stor $20.00
Matthiessen , Peter. The Cloud Forest. $75.00
Matthiessen, Peter. Men's Lives. $85.00
Matthiessen, Peter Men's Lives. $125.00
Matthiessen. Peter. Oomingmak. $75.00
Matthiessen, Peter The Snow Leopard. $65.00
Matthiessen , Peter. The Snow Leopard. $75.00
Mauldin , Bill. Back Home. $15.00
Mayor, A. Hyatt. Prints & People. A Social History O $25.00
Mays, willie. My Life In And Out Of Baseball. $20.00
McAuley, Paul. Red Dust. $22.00
McAuley, Paul. J. Four Hundred Billion Stars. $35.00
McBain, Ed. Jack And The Beanstalk. $20.00
McBride, Henry. Florine Stettheimer. $20.00
McCaffrey, Ann. Holly, J. Hunt FutureLove. $25.00
McCaffrey, Anne. Alchemy & Academe. ( Signed Copy ). $150.00
McCaffrey, Anne. Dragonsong. $150.00
McCaffrey, Anne. Moreta: DragonLady Of Pern. $15.00
McCaffrey, Anne. Moreta: DragonLady Of Pern. $15.00
McCaffrey, Anne. The White Dragon. $75.00
McCaffrey, Anne The White Dragon. $45.00
McCaffrey , Anne. The White Dragon. ( Signed ). $100.00
McCarthy, Cormac. Child Of God. $725.00
McCauley, Paul. J. Secret Harmonies. $35.00
McClary, Thomas Calvert. Three Thousand Years. $45.00
McClelland, John M. Longview: The Remarkable Beginnings $35.00
McClung , Robert M. Stripe. $30.00
McCormack, Mark H. The Wonderful World Of Professional $20.00
McCourt, James. Time Remaining. Stories. $40.00
McCracken , Harold. Sentinel Of The Snow Peaks. $20.00
McCracken, Russell, The Sound Of Sleigh Bells. illustra $20.00
McCullers, Carson. Clock Without Hands. $50.00
McCullum, Buck Private. The Lost Battalion. ( Autographed b $25.00
McCutcheon, George Barr. The Day Of The Dog. $20.00
McGovern , William M. Jungle Paths and Inca Ruins. $35.00
McGraw, John J. My Thirty Years In Baseball. $200.00
McGuane, Thomas Keep The Change. $15.00
McKillip , Patricia. The Moon And The Face. $20.00
McKillip, Patricia. Moon Flash. $30.00
McKillip, Patricia A. Heir Of Sea And Fire. $75.00
McKinney, Sam. Bligh: A True Account of Mutiny Abo $20.00
McLaren, Mrs. Jack. Which Hath Been. A Novel Of Reincar $125.00
McLuhan, T.C. Touch The Earth. $15.00
McMullen , Mary. But Nellie Was So Nice. $15.00
McMullen , Mary. A Grave Without Flowers. $20.00
McMurtry, Larry. Lonesome Dove. $300.00
McMurtry , Larry. In A Narrow Grave. $275.00
McNeer, May The Story  of The Great Plains. Ill $45.00
McPhee, John. Levels Of The Game. $65.00
McSherry,Frank & Waugh,Charles Baseball 3000. $250.00
McSorley, Edward. The Young Mr. McDermott $25.00
Meader, Stephen W. Bat: The Story of A Bull Terrier. $65.00
Meany, Tom. Baseball's Greatest  Players $35.00
Medina, Standish F. History of The Westhampton Yacht Sq $50.00
Medley, Anne. Minnie. $15.00
Medley, Anne. Minnie. $15.00
Meek , M.R.D. In Remembrance Of Rose. A Lennox Ke $20.00
Mehl, Ernest. The Kansas City Athletics. $45.00
Meir, Golda The Selected Papers Of Golda Meir. $10.00
Mellanby, Ruth. Cambridge Our Beautiful Homeland. $20.00
Melville, John. Guide To California Wines. $15.00
Mencken, H.L. The American Language: Supplement T $75.00
Mencken. H.L. A Treatise on The Gods. ( Signed Li $750.00
Mendoza , George. Flowers and Grasses and Weeds. $25.00
Meredith, George. Lord Ormont and His Aminta. ( 3 Vol $200.00
Merril,Judith. editor. England Swings SF. $45.00
Merril, Judith. editor. SF 58. Years Greatest SF & Fantasy. $45.00
Merrill, Arch. Rochester Sketchbook. $15.00
Merritt, A. The Moon Pool. $20.00
Merton , Thomas. A Man In The Divided Sea. $125.00
Merton, Thomas. Thirty Poems. Poets Of The Year Ser $50.00
Meyer, Alfred Gotthold. Donatello. Monographs on Artists. $25.00
Meyer, Charles. Whaling & The Art Of Scrimshaw. $45.00
Meyer, Jerome S. The Picture Book Of Astronomy.Illus $15.00
Meyer, Jerome S. The Picture Book Of Astronomy.Illus $15.00
Meyer, Jerome S. The Picture Book Of Chemistry. Illu $30.00
Meyer, Jerome S. The Picture Book Of Chemistry. $20.00
Meyer, Jerome S. The Picture Book Of Molecules And a $20.00
Meyer, Jerome S. The Picture Book Of Molecules And A $20.00
Meyer, Lucy Rider. Real Fairy Folks. Explorations in T $45.00
Meyer, Nicholas. The West End Horror. $20.00
Meyer, Robert jr. Festivals USA. $15.00
Meynell, Henry Conversations With Napoleon At St. $25.00
Michaels, Barbara. Ammie, Come Home. $45.00
Michaels, Barbara. The Sea King's Daughter. $30.00
Michaud , J. The Golden Star. $70.00
Middleton , Jessie Adelaide. The Grey Ghost Book. $35.00
Miles, Mildred Lynn. The Index To Playboy. Dec. 1953 - D $25.00
Miles, Mildred Lynn. The Playboy Index. $25.00
Miles, MIska. Rabbit Garden. illustrated by John $15.00
Millay, Edna St. Vincent. The Princess Marries The Page. $20.00
Mille, Warren H. Camp Craft. $40.00
Miller, Arthur. After The Fall. ( Signed , Limited $350.00
Miller, Henry. Black Spring. $2,500.00
Miller, Henry. Max And The Whit Phagocytes. $1,500.00
Miller, Joaquin. Songs Of The Sierras. $150.00
Miller, Paul Edouard. editor. The Esquire 1946 Jazz Book. $200.00
Miller , R. DeWitt. Forgotten Mysteries. $15.00
Miller, Warren H. Camping Out. $25.00
Mills, Robert P. The Best From Fantasy & SF. Tenth S $25.00
Mills, Robert P. editor. The Best From Fantasy & SF. $25.00
Mills, Robert P. editor. The Best From Fantasy & SF.  Ninth $35.00
Milne ,A.A. Prince Rabbit and The Princess Who $40.00
Milne, A.A. By Way Of Introduction. $75.00
Milne, A.A. By Way Of Introduction. $75.00
Mines, Samuel. editor. The Best From Startling Stories. $45.00
Mitchel, John. Jail Journal: Journal of a Prisoner $125.00
Mitchell, Edward Page. The Crystal Man. $30.00
Mitchell, Edwin Valentine. It's An Old Cape Cod Custom. $25.00
Mitchell, Edwin Valentine. It's An Old Pennsylvania Custom. ( $45.00
Mitchell, Joseph. Old Mr. Flood. ( Signed Copy ). $200.00
Mitchell, Margaret. Gone With The Wind. / Movie edition $45.00
Mitchell, Margaret Gone With The Wind / The Photoplay $45.00
Molesworth , Mrs. The Cuckoo Clock. Illustrated by E. $15.00
MOMA. Les Fauves. $10.00
Moncrieff - Scott, G. Edinburgh $20.00
Moncrieff, A.R. Hope. Bonnie Scotland. Painted by Sutton $50.00
Monod, Jules. La Cite Antique De Pompei. History $50.00
Monsarrat , Nicholas The Time Before This. $10.00
Monteilhet, Hubert. The Praying Mantises $35.00
Moodie, Mrs. Susanna. Roughing It in The Bush. $45.00
Moorcock, Michael. England Invaded. $25.00
Moore, C.L. Scarlet Dream. ( Signed Limited Edi $100.00
Moore, C.L. Shambleau and Others. $175.00
Moore , Thomas J. Some Irish Poems and A Few  Others $20.00
Moore , Thomas J. Some Irish Poems and A Few  Others $20.00
Moore , Thomas J. Some Irish Poems and A Few  Others $20.00
Moore, Vardine. Picnic Pony. $35.00
Moorehead, Alan Montgomery. Biography of the Genera $30.00
Moreton, John. Punky Mouse For A Day. illustrated $20.00
Morgan, Charles. My Name Is Legion. $125.00
Morley, Christopher Effendi - Frank Nelson Doubleday: 1 $20.00
Morley, Christopher Old Loopy: A Love Letter For Chicag $30.00
Morley,Christopher The Romany Stain. Illustrated by Wa $35.00
Morley, Christopher Thunder On The Left. $45.00
Morrah, Dave Der Wizard In Ozzenland. $50.00
Morris, Donald R. Warm Bodies. $35.00
Morris,John. From The Third Program. A Ten Years $75.00
Morris, Lewis. Songs Without Notes.  ( Signed Copy $25.00
Morris , Willie. North Toward Home. Autographed. $75.00
Morrison, Tony. Jazz. $15.00
Morton, J.B. Hilaire Belloc: A Memoir. $15.00
Mosher, Joseph Albert. The Exemplum in The Early Religious $45.00
Moskowitz, Sam. Science Fiction In Old San Francisc $75.00
Mostel,Zero. Zero by Mostel. ( Signed ,Limited 1 $550.00
Mueller, Dr. R.W. Kegel-Reime. Mit humoristischen Ski $250.00
Mueller, Hans Alexander. Woodcuts of New York. $75.00
Muirhead, Finlay & Monmarche, Paris and its Environs. $25.00
Muller, Herbert J. Thomas Wolfe. $15.00
Muller , Marcia. Leave A Message For Willie. $45.00
Mullowney, John J. A Revelation of The Chinese Revolut $20.00
Munroe, Kirk. The Blue $20.00
Murphy, Robert. The Pond. $15.00
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. The Castle Of Hape. $25.00
Murphy , Shirley Rousseau. Caves Of Fire And Ice. $30.00
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. The Joining of The Stone. $35.00
Myers, Willard Gilman. The Unbelievable City. $45.00
N. Platon. A Guide To The Archaeological Museu $10.00
Nabakov , Vladimir. Nabakov's Quartet. $25.00
Nash , Mary. Mr. Coverlet's Magicians. $10.00
Nash, Ogden The Private Dining Room $20.00
Nasnaga. Indian's Summer. $35.00
Nathan , Robert. The Weans. $25.00
Neison, Adrian , Kemp, C.E. Di Practical Boat Building And Sailng. $65.00
Nepean , Edith. A Bundle of Myrrh. $20.00
Neruda, Pablo. Twenty Poems. $45.00
Ness, Evaline. Sam, Bangs, and Moonshine. $10.00
Nesvadba, Josef. In The Footsteps Of The Abominable $25.00
Neuman, Robert . The Inquest. $35.00
Newcomb, Richard F. Abandon Ship. Death of The U.S.S. I $20.00
Newell, David M. The Fishing And Hunting Answer Book $10.00
Newman, Robert. The Boy Who Could Fly. $35.00
Newton , A Edward. Doctor Johnson: A Play. $75.00
Nichols, Beverley Cats X.Y.Z. $25.00
Nichols, John . The Nirvana Blues. $20.00
Nichols, John . The Nirvana Blues. $20.00
Nichols, John . The Nirvana Blues. $20.00
Nin , Anais. edited by Gunther The Diary Of Anais Nin. 1931-1934. $175.00
Nissenson , Hugh. Notes From The Frontier. An America $7.50
Niven, Frederick. Triumph. $35.00
Niven, Larry. Bridging The Galaxies. ( Signed , L $150.00
Niven, Larry. A Gift From Earth. $50.00
Niven , Larry. A Gift From Earth. $45.00
Niven, Larry. Ringworld. $225.00
Niven, Larry. Ringworld. ( 1st US Hardcover ). $200.00
Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerr The Mote In God's Eye. $1,000.00
Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerr The Mote In Gods Eye. ( Signed Copy $1,000.00
Niven , Larry & Pournelle , Je Oath Of Fealty. ( Signed Limited Fi $85.00
Nixon, Richard M. Six Crisis. ( Signed Copy ). $175.00
Noa Noa. Gaugin , Paul. $75.00
Nordhoff, Charles. Whaling And Fishing. $35.00
Norling, Jo and Ernest. The First Book of Water. $20.00
North, Sterling. The  Birthday Of Little Jesus. illu $35.00
Norton, Andre. Bulladr of The Space Patrol. $65.00
Norton, Andre. Flight In Yiktor. $20.00
Norton, Andre. Four From The Witch World. $20.00
Norton, Andre Red Hart Magic. $45.00
Norton, Andre. Secret Of The Lost Race. $75.00
Norton, Andre. Tales Of The Witch World. $25.00
Norton , Andre. Wind in The Stone. $125.00
Norton , Andre. Wind In The Stone. ( Signed Limited $250.00
Norton, Andre. On Wings Of Magic. $25.00
Norton, Andre. Editor. Grand master's Choice. $150.00
Nowarra, H.J. A Pictorial History Of The Luftwaff $35.00
Nowarra, Heinz J. The Messerschmitt 109: A Fanous Ger $65.00
Nowlan , Philip Francis. Armagedden 2419 A.D. ( Buck Rogers) $75.00
Nutting, Wallace. New York Beautiful. $85.00
Nutting, Wallace. Vermont Beautiful. $20.00
NY City. Anniversary of The City Of New York $25.00
NY City Related. New York Advancing. World's Fair Ed $25.00
Oakley, Helen. The Enchanters Wheel. illustrated b $25.00
Ober, F.A. The Knockabout Club In the Everglad $150.00
O'Brien, Jack Silver Chief Dog Of The North. Illu $45.00
O'Brien , Jack. Silver Chief: Dog Of The North. $45.00
O'Brien, Tim Going After Cacciato. $395.00
O'Brien, Tim Tomcat In Love. $20.00
O'Casey, Sean. Oak Leaves And lavender. A Play. $25.00
Ockham, David. Stentor. or The Press of Today & To $25.00
Odenwald, Tomi. Cornelius. $15.00
O'Donnell , lillian Lady Killer $15.00
O'Donnell , Mabel. The New If I Were Going. Alice & Je $15.00
O'Donnell , Mabel. Through The Green Gate. The Alice & $35.00
O'Hara, Bernice The Adventures Of Bob Lampoon. $85.00
Okrent, Daniel  & Wulf , Steve Baseball Anecdotes. $20.00
Oldfield, Barney. Barney Oldfield's Book For The Moto $200.00
Olivier, Tarquin Eye Of The Day. $20.00
Oman , Charles Castles. $45.00
O'Meara, Barry. Esq. Napoleon In Exile. A Voice From St. $325.00
Ondaatje, Michael. The English Patient. $175.00
Ondaatje, Mivhael. The English Patient. $45.00
O'Neal , Cothburn. The Very Young Mrs. Poe. A Novel. $15.00
O'Neill, Eugene. The Iceman Cometh. $150.00
Onstott , Kyle. Beekeeping As A Hobby. $45.00
Opie, Iona & Peter. The Oxford Nursery Rhyme Book. $45.00
Opie, Iona & Peter. The Oxford Nursery Rhyme Book. $75.00
Oppenheim, James. American Types. A Preface To Analyt $40.00
Oppenheim, James. Behind Your Front. $15.00
Optic, Oliver Little Bobtail./ The Yacht Club Ser $45.00
Orcutt, William Dana. The Author's Desk Book. ( Signed Co $75.00
Orcutt, William Dana. The Kingdom Of Books. $25.00
Orczy , Baroness El Dorado. $150.00
Orczy, Baroness I Will Repay. $350.00
Orczy, Baroness. The Old Man In The Corner. $750.00
Orczy, Baroness The Tangled Skein. $75.00
O'Rell, Max & Allyn, Jack. Jonathan and His Continent. Rambles $45.00
Ormsby, Virginia H. Mountain Magic For Rosy. $20.00
Orton, Helen Fuller. Mystery Over The Brick Wall. $40.00
Orton , Mildred Ellen. Cooking With Wholegrains. $8.00
Orwell, George. Animal Farm. $250.00
Orwell, George. Animal Farm. $225.00
Osborn, Paul. A Bell For Adano. Dramatazation of $35.00
Osborn , Paul. A Bell For Adano. Dramatization of $45.00
Ouspensky, P.D. The Fourth Way. $25.00
Ouspensky, P.D. A New Model Of The Universe. $25.00
Owings, Mark & Binkin Irving. A Catalog of Lovecraftiana. The Gri $20.00
Owings, Mark. & Binkin, Irving A Catalog of Lovecraftiana: The Gri $20.00
Oxenham , John. High Alters. The Battle Fields Of F $15.00
Padgett, Lewis. Tomorrow and Tomorrow & The Fairy C $175.00
Padgett, Lewis. ( Autograph.) Mutant. $125.00
Page, Thomas Nelson. Robert E. Lee; The Southerner. $45.00
Page, Victor. Aviation Engines. $45.00
Page, Victor W. The Model T Ford car. Including the $125.00
Paget, Guy Sporting Pictures Of England. $15.00
Palmer , Don The Boy Scout Explorers at The Emer $25.00
Palmer , Frederick With Kuroki In Manchuria $50.00
Palmer, R. Liddesdale English Monasteries In The Middle A $85.00
Pangborn, Edgar. Davy. $125.00
Pangborn , Edgar. Good Nieghbors and Other Strangers $35.00
Panshin, Alexei. Heinlein In Dimension. $50.00
Pappenheim, Dr. Artur. Atlas der Menschlichen Blutzellen. $300.00
Pardee, R.G. The Sabbath School Index. Pointing $100.00
Pardee , R.G. The Sabbath School Index. History a $125.00
Paretsky , Sara. Bitter Medicine. $100.00
Paretsky, Sara. Killing Orders. ( Signed Copy ). $125.00
Pargeter, Edith. The Green Branch. $75.00
Pargeter, Edith. The Scarlet Seed. $45.00
Parker, Dorothy & d' Usseau, A The Ladies Of The Corridor. $45.00
Parker, H.W. Snakes. $10.00
Parker, N. Howe. Iowa As It Is In 1856; A Gazetteer $300.00
Parker, Robert. Wilderness. $45.00
Parker , Robert B. Valediction $35.00
Parket, Robert. Valediction. $15.00
Parkman, Francis. The Oregon Trail. $10.00
Parsons, Thomas William. Poems. $275.00
Partridge, Eric. Shakespeare's Bawdy. A Literary & P $85.00
Pascal , David. The Silly Knight. $15.00
Pasternak, Boris. An Essay In Autobiography. $20.00
Pasternak, Boris. I Remember: Sketch For An Autobiogr $15.00
Patric , Mary. Pandora. illustrated by  Erika Weih $35.00
Patrick, Q. Cottage Sinister. ( Signed Copy). $125.00
Patterson, Jerry E. The City Of New York. A History ill $15.00
Patton, Francis Gray. The Finer Things Of Life. $15.00
Paul, Elliot. A Ghost Town Of The Yellowstone. $20.00
Payne, Robert. editor. The Deluge. by Leonardo daVinci. $20.00
Peake , Mervyn. Titus Groan. $125.00
Pearson, F.S. Butchered Baseball / Illustrated by $35.00
Pearson, F.S. illustrations by Butchered Baseball. $20.00
Pearson , John. The Life Of Ian Fleming. $10.00
Pease, Howard. The Jinx Ship. A Todd Moran Mystery $25.00
Pease, Howard. Night Boat And Other Tod Moran Myst $225.00
Peat, Harold R. Private Peat. $20.00
Peattie, Donald Culross. The Story Of America. $45.00
Pei, Mario. The Story Of Language. $45.00
Pelecanos, George. The Sweet Forever. ( Signed Copy ). $45.00
Pell, Morris. Scribblings Of An Outdoor Boy. $45.00
Pemberton, Max. The Giants Gate. $15.00
Pemberton , Max. The Girl With The Red Hair. $45.00
Pene Du Bois , William. The Twenty One Balloons. $250.00
Perelman, S.J. The Rising Gorge. $35.00
Perry, Stella G.S. The Sculpture and Mural Decorations $75.00
Perry, W.J. Gods And Men. The Attainment Of Imm $25.00
Perry, Will Murder At The UN $15.00
Perry, Frederick Fair Winds And Fowl. $25.00
Pershing, John J. My Experiences In The World War. $50.00
Pesetsky, Bette. Digs. $15.00
Peters , Elizabeth. Silhouette In Scarlet. $35.00
Peters, Ellis. Black Is The Color Of My True Loves $75.00
Peters, Ellis. The Grass Widows Tale. $50.00
Peters , Ellis The Rose Rent $45.00
Peters, Madison C. Wit and Wisdom Of The Talmud. $20.00
Petersham, Maud & Miska The Rooster Crows: A Book Of Americ $20.00
Petersham, Maud & Miska The Rooster Crows: A Book Of Americ $20.00
Pevsner, Stella. Footsteps On The Stairs. $20.00
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. Men, Women And Ghosts. $75.00
de Phelps, Kathleen Deery Aves Venezolanas: Cien De Las Mas C $25.00
Phelps, Richard H. Newgate Of Connecticut. It's Origin $75.00
Phillips, David Graham. The Price She Paid. ( Photoplay Edi $35.00
Phillips, William & Rahv, Phil The Partisan Reader. 1934 - 1944. $85.00
Phillips,William & Rahv, Phili The Partisan Review. January-Februa $10.00
Photolay Edition. Daddy- Long - Legs. Photoplay editi $50.00
Phyfe, William Henry. Seven Thousand Words Often Misprono $20.00
Pickthall, Marmaduke. Tales From Five Chimneys. $50.00
Pickthall, Marmaduke. Tales From Five Chimneys. $50.00
Piers Anthony. Total Recall. $30.00
Pike, G. Holden. Victoria: Queen & Empress. A Jubile $25.00
Pincher, Chapman. The Giantkiller. $25.00
Piper, Evelyn. The Motive. $40.00
Piper, Evelyn. The Plot. $35.00
Plante, David. The Country. $12.50
Plante, David. The Woods. $12.50
Platt , Rutherford. This Green World.  Photographs by t $15.00
Playfair & Fitz Gibbon The Little Tour. A Journey To Europ $25.00
Plimpton, George. Mad Ducks And Bears. ( Signed Copy) $45.00
Plimpton, George. Mad Ducks and Bears. ( Signed Copy $25.00
Plomer, William. The Child Of Queen Victoria. $350.00
Plummer, William The Holy Goof. The Biography of Nea $25.00
Poduschka , Walter  & Christl. Dearest Prickles: The Story Of A He $85.00
Poe, Edgar Allan. Stories Of Edgar Allan Poe. $25.00
Pohl, Fred. editor. Star Science Fiction Stories. ( Sig $125.00
Pohl, Fred. editor. Star Science Fiction Stories. ( Sig $125.00
Pohl, Fred & Kornbluth, C.M. The Space Merchants. $125.00
Pohl , Frederik. Beyond The Blue Event Horizon. ( si $50.00
Pohl, Frederik. Beyond The Blue Event Horizon. ( Si $45.00
Pohl , Frederik. The expert Dreamers. $20.00
Pohl , Frederik. JEM $20.00
Polner, Tikhon.  translated by Tolstoy and His Wife. $20.00
Ponicsan,  Darryl. Cinderella Liberty. $40.00
Ponicsan , Darryl. Tom Mix Died For Your Sins. $25.00
Poole, Ernest Hunter's Moon. $12.50
Poole , Phoebe. Degas. $15.00
Porter, Eleanor H. Pollyanna Grows Up. $20.00
Porter, James H. a.m. A New System of Arithmetic and Math $30.00
Porter, Katherine Anne. The Days Before. $40.00
Potter, Charles Francis. Tongue  Tanglers. Illust. by Willia $25.00
Potter, Jeremy Hazard Chase. $50.00
Potter, Stephen The Theory And Practice Of Gamesman $15.00
Pottle, Frederick A. Boswell On The Grand Tour: Germany $100.00
Powell, Richard. A Shot In The Dark. $35.00
Powers, Alfred. Redwood Country. The Lava Region an $45.00
Powers, Tim. Epitaph In Rust. ( Signed Limited ) $300.00
Praed, Mrs. Campbell. Soul Of Nyria. $50.00
Pratchett, Terry. Diggers. $35.00
Pratchett, Terry. The Light Fantastic. $35.00
Pratchett, Terry. Pyramids. $200.00
Pratchett, Terry. Sourcery. $300.00
Pratchett, Terry. Truckers. $75.00
Pratchett, Terry. Wings. $45.00
Pratt, Enoch. Rev. A Comprehensive History Ecclesiasti $250.00
Prevelakis, Pandelis The Sun Of Death. Preface by Henry $20.00
Price , Charles. The American Golfer. $15.00
Price, Charles. The American Golfer. $25.00
Price , William L. & Johnson, Home Building & Furnishing. $75.00
Pritchett , V.S. editor. Turnstile One. $20.00
Pronzini,Bill & Lutz, John. The Eye. ( Signed Copy ). $25.00
Pronzini & Muller Double. $75.00
Proulx , Annie E. Heart Songs $200.00
Puma , Fernando.editor. 7 Arts: Number Three. Fine Art & Ar $20.00
Purdy, James. Color of Darkness. $45.00
Purvis, Jud. Fix Your Volkswagen. $25.00
Putre, John Walter A Small And Incidental Murder. $20.00
Pyk , Ann . The Hammer Of Thunder. $20.00
Pyle , Howard. Illustrater. Pepper & Salt: or Seasoning For You $20.00
Pyne, Henry R. Ride To War. History Of The First N $35.00
Q. Wandering Heath. $35.00
Quayle, William A. The Prairie And The Sea. $75.00
Queen , Ellery The Dragon's Teeth. $125.00
Queen , Ellery. Face To Face. $40.00
Queen , Ellery. To The Queen's Taste. $40.00
Queen, Ellery.  editor. The Literature Of Crime. Stories by $20.00
Quentin, Patrick. The Follower. $35.00
Quick , Jim. Trout Fishing & Trout Flies. $20.00
Rand, Ann. So Small. illustrated by Feodor Roj $30.00
Rand, Ann & Paul. Sparkle & Spin. $300.00
Ransom,John Crowe. The Kenyon Review. Autumn 1939. $20.00
Ransom,John Crowe. The Kenyon Review. Autumn 1939. $20.00
Ransom,John Crowe. The Kenyon Review. Autumn 1939. $20.00
Rasmussen,Knud. Greenland By The Polar Sea. $85.00
Raven, Simon. Brother Cain. $45.00
Raymond , Josephine Hunt. The Remembered Face Of Ireland. $25.00
Reed, Myrtle The White Shield. Illustrated by Da $20.00
Reese , John. Hangman's Springs. $25.00
Remarque, Erich Maria. The Road Back. $150.00
Remington, Barbara. Boat. $20.00
Renick, Marion. Champion Caddy. $75.00
Restany, Pierre Cesar. $50.00
Rewald, john. Gauguin $50.00
Rewald, John. Seurat. $45.00
Rewald, John. editor. The Woodcuts of Aristide Maillol. $75.00
Reynolds, Mack. Compound Interests. ( Signed by Art $35.00
Rice , Anne. Cry To Heaven. $75.00
Rice , Anne. Cry To Heaven. $75.00
Rice , Anne. Queen Of The Damned. $35.00
Rice , Elmer C. National Standard Squab Book. $20.00
Rice , Grantland & Briggs, Cla The Duffer's Handbook Of Golf. $20.00
Rich, A.B. Our Near Neighbor The Mosquito. $25.00
Richards, Laura C. Mrs. Tree. $100.00
Richer, Clement. Son Of Ti - Coyo. $15.00
Ridgeway , William The Origin Of Metallic Currency and $175.00
Riesenberg, Felix jr. Golden Gate: The Story Of San Franc $45.00
Rilke, Rainer Maria. Duino Elegies. $65.00
Rimbaud, Arthur. Illuminations. $45.00
Rimbaud, Arthur. A Season In Hell. $35.00
Ritchie, Andrew Carnduff. Abstract Painting & Sculpture in Am $15.00
Ritchie, Ethel Colt. Block Island: Lore And Legends. $20.00
Ritchie, Ethel Colt. Block Island: Lore And Legends. $20.00
Roberts , Patricia. Tender Prey. $25.00
Robinson, Barbara. Across From Indian Shore. $10.00
Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt. My Brother Theodore Roosevelt. $20.00
Robinson, Kim Stanley. Icehenge. ( Signed Copy ). $75.00
Robinson, Kim Stanley. Icehenge. ( Signed Copy ). $75.00
Robinson, Kim Stanley. Pacific Edge. $25.00
Robinson, Lennox. I Sometimes Think. ( Signed Copy ). $150.00
Robinson , Lennox. I Sometimes Think. ( Signed Copy). $150.00
Robinson, Spider & Jeanne. ( S Starmind. $20.00
Rockefeller. The Prospect For America. ( signed $125.00
Rockefeller Center Asso. Dr. Hosack's Garden. $20.00
Rodale, J.i. The Sophisticated Synonym Book. $15.00
Rodgers, Mary. A Billion For Boris. $20.00
Rodman, Selden. The Miracle Of Haitian Art. $65.00
Roebling,John & Sons. Wire In Electrical Construction. $15.00
Rogers, Agnes. Metropolis. $100.00
Rogers, Bogart Sky Bride: A Romance of The Air. $125.00
Rogers, Phillips. Stag Night. $20.00
Rogers, Samuel. You Leave Me Cold. $20.00
Rohmer, Sax. Bat-Wing. $175.00
Rohmer ,Sax. The Day The World Ended. $85.00
Rohmer, Sax. Hangover House. $100.00
Rohmer, Sax. She Who Sleeps. $35.00
Romains , Jules. Seven Mysteries Of Europe. $40.00
Ronains , Jules Seven Mysteries Of Europe. $45.00
Roosevelt, Kermit. The Long Trail. ( signed copy ). Au $45.00
Root, Pat. Evil Became Them. $25.00
Rosebery, Lord. Napoleon: The Last Phase. $25.00
Rosen , R.D. Strike Three You're Dead. $25.00
Rosen, R.D. Strike Three You're Out. ( Signed C $200.00
Rosen, R.D. Strike Three You're Out. ( Autograp $175.00
Rosenthal, Harold. The Ten Best Years Of Baseball. $20.00
Rosenthal, M.L. The William Carlos Reader. $45.00
Rosenthal , M.L. The William Carlos Williams Reader. $45.00
Rosenthal, M.L.  editor. The William Carlos Williams Reader. $45.00
Ross , Lillian Talk Stories. $10.00
Ross , Walter. Coast To Coast. A Novel About Corru $25.00
Ross, Lillian. Portrait Of Hemingway. $25.00
Roszak , Theodore. Bugs. A Novel Of Terror In The Comp $20.00
Rothenstein, William. Twenty-Four Portraits. $200.00
Roudybush, Alexandra. The House Of The Cat. $10.00
Roueche, Berton. Black Weather. $35.00
Rounds, Frank. Jr. A Window on Red Square. ( Signed Co $15.00
Rourke, Constance. Charles Sheeler. Artist In The Amer $75.00
Rowan, Carl T. South Of Freedom. $10.00
Rowland , John.  editor. Our Friend The Collie. $15.00
Roy, Gabrielle. The Cashier. $25.00
Rudhyar, Dane. White Thunder. ( Signed Copy ). $35.00
Rush, Edwin Rees. Hours With My Lyre. $45.00
Rushdie, Salman. Grimus. $150.00
Russell , Bertrand. Common Sense And Nuclear War. $35.00
Russell, C.D. Pete The Tramp. $75.00
Russell, eric Frank. Deep Space. $45.00
Russell , Eric Frank Dreadful Sanctuary. $85.00
Russell, Eric Frank. Sentinels Of Space. $75.00
Russell, Eric Frank. Three To Conquer. $250.00
Rutledge, Archibald. Santee Paradise. The Beautiful Wild $85.00
Ryan, Alan.  editor. Night Visions 1. $75.00
Ryan, Cornelius. The Longest Day. $35.00
Ryde, Peter. Mostly Golf: A Bernard Darwin Antho $25.00
Ryde , Peter. editor. Mostly Golf. A Bernard Darwin Antho $20.00
Sabatini, Rafael. Scaramouche. ( Photoplay edition ). $75.00
Sabatini, Rafael. The Sea Hawk.  ( Photoplay edition $50.00
Sabine , W.H.W. Second Sight In Daily Life. $15.00
Sackler , Howard. The Great White Hope. $75.00
Sagan, Carl. Contact. $15.00
Sage, Dana. The 22 Brothers. $20.00
De Saint Exubery, Antoine. The Wild Garden. $50.00
Salamanca, J.R. Lilith $45.00
Sale, Edith Tunis. Interiors of Virginia Houses of Col $375.00
Salter, James. A Sport And A Pastime. $125.00
Sandburg, Carl. Honey & Salt: A New Volume Of Poems $20.00
Sandburg, Carl. The Lincoln Collector. ( Signed Cop $100.00
Sandoz , Mari. Slogum House. $30.00
Sansom , William Blue Skies , Brown Studies. $10.00
Sansom , William. The Icicle And The Sun. Finland, No $10.00
Santayana, George. My Host The World. $20.00
Sargent, George H. A Busted Bibliophile and His Books. $45.00
Sari. The White Goat. $25.00
Saroyan, William Love Here Is My hat. $25.00
Saroyan, William Peace It's Wonderful. $25.00
Sartre, Jean-Paul. Literary Essays. $15.00
Satchell, William. The Greenstone Door. $45.00
Satchell , William. The Greenstone Door. $200.00
Saunders, John Monk. Wings. ( Photoplay edition ). $85.00
Sawtell, Ruth Otis & Treat, Id Primitive Hearths in The Pyrenees.T $25.00
Sawyer , Ruth. Annabel. Illustrated by the author. $125.00
Sayers , Dorothy The Nine Tailors. $1,000.00
Sayers, Dorothy In The Teeth Of The Evidence And Ot $35.00
Schartum-Hansen, Ingvild. Ingvild's Diary. $12.00
Scherf, Margaret. The Elk And The Evidence. $100.00
Scherman , Katharine. Spring On An Artic Island. $10.00
Schon , Leslie The Psychology of Golf. $75.00
Schreiner, Olive. Trooper Peter halket of Mashonaland $40.00
Schroeder , Doris. Patty Duke And Mystery Mansion. $20.00
Schroeder, Eric. editor. Muhammads People. $25.00
Scoggin , Margaret C. More Chucklebait. Funny Stories For $45.00
Scortia, Thomas N. Caution! Inflammable. $20.00
Scott. The Vision Of The Nazarene. $75.00
Scott, Cyril. An Outline Of Modern Occultism. $20.00
Scott, W.E.D. The Story of A Bird Lover. ( Signed $20.00
Seagrave , Gordon S. My Hospital In The Hills. $10.00
Seforim, Mendele Mocher The Parasite $20.00
Seidler , Tor. The Wainscott Weasel. illustrated b $15.00
Seidler, Tor. The Wainscott Weasel. illustrated b $15.00
Seiler , Carl. Handbook of the Diagnosis And  Trea $20.00
Selby, Hubert Jr. Last Exit To Brooklyn. $150.00
Selby, Hubert Jr. Last Exit To Brooklyn. $200.00
Sellar, W.C & Yeatman, R.J. 1066 And All That. Illustrated by J $15.00
Seltzer, Charles  Alden. Treasure Ranch $75.00
Seltzer, Charles Aldin Firebrand Trevison. (Inscribed by t $200.00
Selz, Peter. New Images Of Man. $10.00
Sendak , Maurice & Margolis , Some Swell Pup. Illustrated by Send $45.00
Seton, Ernest Thompson. Animals.Selected From Life Historie $35.00
Seton, Ernest Thompson. The Biography Of A Grizzly. $20.00
Seton, Ernest Thompson. Monarch The Big Bear Of Tallo. $75.00
Settle, Mary Lee. Blood Tie. $25.00
Seymour , Flora Warren. Songs From The Step Ladder. Antholo $35.00
Shaara, Michael. The Killer Angels. $2,250.00
Shahn, Ben. The Biography of A Painting. $35.00
Shahn, Ben. A Partridge In A Pear Tree. illustr $35.00
Shahn, Ben. Sweet Was The Song. $20.00
Shannon, Dell. Double Bluff. $20.00
Shapiro, Karl. In Defence Of Ignorance. $20.00
Shapiro, Karl. Essay On Rime. $85.00
Shapiro, Karl. Essay on Rime. $45.00
Shapiro, Karl. Trial Of A Poet. $125.00
Sharp, Alan. A Green Tree In Gedde. $25.00
Sharp , Hal. Spin Fishing. $15.00
Sharp , Margery The Gypsy In The Parlour. $20.00
Sharp , Margery. Miss Bianca In The Antarctic. illus $30.00
Shaw, Bernard. The Adventures Of The Black Girl In $45.00
Shaw, Bernard. Socialism & Superior Brains. A Repl $45.00
Shaw, Bob Dark Night In Toyland. $35.00
Shaw , Bob. A Wreath Of Stars. $25.00
Shaw, Irwin. Sons and Soldiers. ( Review Copy ). $200.00
Shaw, Mark. The John F. Kennedys ( photo essay $125.00
Shayne , Michael. Die Like A Dog. $15.00
Shearon, Lillian Nicholson. The Little Mixer.  Christmas Gift e $20.00
Sheeler, Charles. Charles Sheeler. $35.00
Sheldon, Richard. Poor Prisoner's Defense. $35.00
Shelley, Percy Bysshe. ( Priva The Banquet of Plato. Translated Fr $175.00
Shepard, Lucius. The Jaguar Hunter. $75.00
Shepherd, Jean. In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cas $300.00
Sheridan, John D. God Made Little Apples. $20.00
Sherman , Harold M. Double Play. $10.00
Sherman , Milton M. All About Tobacco. ( Signed Copy). $45.00
Sherwood, Bob. Hold Everything! $10.00
Shiras , Wlmar. Children Of The Atom. $45.00
Sholokhov, Mikhail. Harvest On The  Don. $20.00
Shulman, Irving. Cry Tough. $125.00
Shute , Nevil. On The Beach. $35.00
Shute, Nevil. Stephen Morris. A Novel. $45.00
Sichel, Pierre. The Sapbucket Genius. $20.00
Siddiqui , Ashraf. Bhombal Dass. The Uncle Of A Lion. $20.00
Sillitoe , Alan The Death Of William Posters. $20.00
Silverberg, Robert. The Fest Of St. Dionysis. $15.00
Silverberg , Robert. Starmans Quest. ( Signed Copy ). $85.00
Silverberg, Robert. Three Survived. $85.00
Silverberg, Robert. The Time Hoppers. $45.00
Silverberg, Robert. Editor. Legends. $20.00
Silverberg, Robert. editor. Legends. New Short Novels. $35.00
Silverberg,Robert.  editor. Legends.  New short Novels. $25.00
Simak , Clifford. Our Children's Children. ( Signed C $100.00
Simak, Clifford. Time And Again. $45.00
Simak, Clifford. Where The Evil Dwells. $20.00
Simak, Clifford. Time And Again. $75.00
Simenon, George The bells Of Bicetre. $20.00
Simmons, Charles. Powdered Eggs. Signed & Inscribed. $75.00
Simmons, Dan. Hyperion. $375.00
Simmons, Dan. Hyperion. ( Hardcover First ). $300.00
Simpson & Simpson. Hock-Shop $75.00
Sinclair, Upton. Roman Holiday. $45.00
Singer, Isaac Bashevis. The Wicked City. $20.00
Singer, Isaac Bashevis. Zlateh The Goat and Other Stories. $60.00
Singer, Loren. The Parallax View. $40.00
Singer ,Loren. The Parallax View. $40.00
Singleton, Esther The Furniture Of Our Fathers. Note $50.00
Sinnett , A.P. Karma. $35.00
Siringo, Charles A. A Texas Cowboy.Intro.by Frank Dobie $85.00
Sisson, Rosemary Anne The Killer Of Horseman's Flats. $20.00
Sitwell, Edith. The Canticle Of The Rose.Poems 1917 $45.00
Sitwell, Edith. The Outcasts. $25.00
Sitwell , Sacheverell. Portugal and Madeira. $20.00
Slicer, Thomas B. M.A. From Poet To Primier. The Centennia $45.00
Slobodkin, Louis. The Little Mermaid Who Could Not Si $175.00
Slobodkin, Louis. Yasu and The Strangers. $25.00
Slocum, Rosalie & Tood, Ann. A Key To New York. $40.00
Small, John Kunkel. Ferns Of The Southeastern States. $150.00
Smiley , Jane. At Paradise gate. $375.00
Smiley, Jane. Duplicate Keys. $75.00
Smith, Alfred E. Up To Now: An Autobiography. ( Sign $25.00
Smith , Alson J. Syndicate City. The Chicago Crime C $20.00
Smith Ashton Clark. The Star Treader And Other Poems. $650.00
Smith , C.E. Kingsford & Ulm , The Flight Of The Southern Cross. $45.00
Smith, Clark Ashton. As It Is Written. $45.00
Smith , Clark Ashton. The Star-Treader and Other Poems. ( $650.00
Smith, E.E. Subspace Explorers. $75.00
Smith, E.E. Subspace Explorers. $75.00
Smith,E.E. Doc. Skylark Of Valeron. ( HM ). $75.00
Smith, Edward E. Children Of The Lens. $125.00
Smith, Edward E. Children Of The Lens. $150.00
Smith, Edward E. First Lensman. $150.00
Smith, Edward E. First Lensman. $150.00
Smith, Edward E. Galactic Empire. $100.00
Smith, Edward E. Galactic Patrol. $75.00
Smith, Edward E. Galactic Patrol. $35.00
Smith, Edward E. Gray Lensman. $25.00
Smith, Edward E. Grey Lensman. $25.00
Smith, Edward E. Grey Lensman. ( Signed Copy). $350.00
Smith, Edward E. The Skylark Of Space. ( Signed Copy $200.00
Smith, Edward, E. Spacehounds of IPC. $50.00
Smith, Edward E. Triplanetary. $125.00
Smith, Edward E. The Vortex Blaster. $325.00
Smith, Edward E. PH.D. First Lensman. $100.00
Smith, Evelyn. The Building Book. $10.00
Smith, Eward E. Ph.D. The Skylark Of Space. $100.00
Smith , H.Allen. Don't Get Perconel With A Chicken. $20.00
Smith, H. Allen. Mister Zip. $45.00
Smith, H.Allen. The Rebel Yell. $35.00
Smith, Harry B. Lyrics And Sonnets. ( Signed Copy ) $75.00
Smith Heckstall, B. & Captain The Complete Yachtsman. $250.00
Smith, Henry Nash. Virgin Land. The American West as S $20.00
Smith , Ira L. & Smith h.Allen Low & Inside. A Book Of Baeball Ane $15.00
Smith, J. Russell Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture $25.00
Smith, James Reuel. Springs And wells Of Manhattan And $85.00
Smith, Laurence Dwight. The G-Men Trap The Spy Ring. $45.00
Smith, Lillian. Memory Of A Large Christmas. $10.00
Smith, Robert Baseball: The Game, the Men who hav $35.00
Smith , Robert Paul. And Another Thing $10.00
Smith , Thomas E.V. The City Of New York in The Year of $75.00
Smith. Thorne. The Night Life Of The Gods. $35.00
Smock , Nell Stolp White Tail: King Of The Forest. $35.00
Smullyan, Raymond. The Chess Mysterious Of Sherlock Ho $100.00
Snelling , O.F. Rare Books And Rarer People. $35.00
Snow, Edward Rowe. The Romance Of Boston bay. ( Signed $50.00
Snow, Edward Rowe. Storms And Shipwrecks of The New En $125.00
Soby, James Thrall. Joan Miro/ Museum Of Modern Art. $25.00
Soby, James Thrall. Salvador Dali. $35.00
Society Of Independant Artists 1930 Catalogue of the 14th Annual E $40.00
Society Of Independant Artists 1931 Catalogue of The 15th Annual E $40.00
Somerville, E.CE. & Ross, Mart Happy Days. $40.00
Sondheim, Claire. The Candy Book $20.00
Southern , Terry. Blue Movie. $40.00
Southern, Terry. Blue Movie. $20.00
Sowerby, Benn. Fright In The Forest. $20.00
Sperry, Armstrong. Danger To The Windward. $20.00
Sperry . Armstrong. Hull Down For Action. Illustrated $220.00
Spillane, Mickey The Day The Sea Rolled back. $20.00
Spillane , Mickey The Killing Man. $20.00
Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated Book Of Baeball. $10.00
Sprigge, Sylvia Berenson $20.00
Squire, J.C. The Book Of Bodley Head Verse. $50.00
Stacpoole, H. DeVere. The Blue Lagoon. $45.00
Stamm, Claus. The Dumplings and The Demons. $35.00
Standish , Burt L. Covering The Look In Corner. $20.00
Stanley, Henry M. In Darkest Africa. $350.00
Stanley , Marie Gulf Stream. $250.00
Stapledon, Olaf. Death Into Life. $250.00
Stapledon, Olaf. Last And First M en. $45.00
Stark, Freya. Beyond Euphrates : Autobiography 19 $45.00
Starkie , Enid. Arthur Rimbaud. $15.00
Starr, Clay. Vigilante Law. $25.00
Steadman , Ralph. Sigmund Freud. $50.00
Steele , Danielle Wings. $150.00
Steele, J. Dorman. Fourteen Weeks in Zoology. $20.00
Steichen, Edward. Steichen The Photographer. $30.00
Steinbeck, John. East Of Eden. $500.00
Steinbeck, John. The Long Valley. $1,000.00
Steinbeck, John. The Long Valley. $850.00
Steinbeck , John. The Moon is Down. $75.00
Steinberg, Saul. The New World. $40.00
Steiner, Charlotte. Make Believe Puppy. Illustrated wit $15.00
Steiner, Charlotte. A Surprise For Mrs. Bunny. $75.00
Steiner, Claude Games Alcoholics Play. $15.00
Stephenson, Neal. The Diamond Age. $75.00
Stericker, John & Veronica Hong Kong In Picture And Story. $35.00
Sterling , Dorothy. United Nations N.Y. Photos by Myron $10.00
Sterling, Thomas The House Without A Door. $25.00
Stern , Richard Martin. The Search For Tabitha Carr. $12.00
Sterne, Lawrence. A Sentimental Journey Through Franc $20.00
Stevens, George esq. The Dramatic Works Of Shakespeare: $150.00
Stevens, Wallace. Transport To Summer. $100.00
Stevenson, D.E. The Blue Sapphire. $20.00
Stevenson , D.E. Celia's House. $45.00
Stevenson, D.E. The House On The Cliff. $25.00
Stevenson, D.E. Kate Hardy $20.00
Stevenson, D.E. Katherine Wentworth. $35.00
Stevenson, D.E. Smouldering Fire. $55.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis. An Apology For Idlers. $35.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Illus A Child's Garden Of Verses. $275.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. $25.00
Stevenson , Robert Louis. Kidnapped. Illustrated by N.C. Wyet $20.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Kidnapped. Illustrated by N.C. Wyet $45.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Story of A Lie and other Tales. $45.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Story of A Lie and other Tales. $45.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Treasure Island. $15.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Virginibus Puerisque. $25.00
Stewart, C.R. The Divine Vision. A Key to The Gre $50.00
Stewart , Mary. A Walk In Wolf Wood. $35.00
Stewart, Will. Seetee Shock. $35.00
Stockley, Cynthia. Ponjola. ( Photoplay Edition). $20.00
Stockton, Frank. The Bee Man Of Orn and Other Fancif $35.00
Stockton, Frank. The Bee-Man of Orn and Other Tales. $50.00
Stone, Hampton The Murder That  Wouldn't  Stay Sol $25.00
Stone, Julius F. Canyon Country. ( Inscribed Copy ). $300.00
Stone, Hampton. The Real Serendipitous Kill. $15.00
Stoney, Samuel Gaillard. Plantations of The Carolina Low Cou $75.00
Storey, G.A. Theory And Practice Of Perspective. $75.00
Stout, Rex. Prisoner's Base. $150.00
Stowe, Harriet Beecher. DRED: A Tale Of The Great Dismal Sw $300.00
Stowe , Harriet Beecher. My Wife And I. or Harry Henderson's $45.00
Stowe,Leland. Target You. $15.00
Strand, Paul. Paul Strand: Photographs 1915 - 194 $35.00
Strange , John Stephen. All Men Are Liars. ( Signed Copy). $85.00
Strange, John Stephen. All Men Are Liars. ( signed copy). $65.00
Stratton-Porter, Gene. The Keeper Of The Bees. $100.00
Straub, Peter. Floating Dragon. ( Signed Limited ) $125.00
Street, Julian. Mysterious Japan. $45.00
Streeter , Edward. Mr. Robbins Rides Again. $15.00
Strindberg, August. The Creditor. A Tragic Comedy. $35.00
Stuart , Francis. Pigeon Irish. $275.00
Stuart , W.J. Forbidden Planet. ( Photoplay Editi $200.00
Styron, William. The Confessions Of Nat Turner. $75.00
Sullivan , A.M. A Day In Manhattan. Signed Copy. $30.00
Swallow, Jane F. A Romance Ot The Siege Of Vicksburg $75.00
Swanberg, W.A. Citizen Hearst $20.00
Sweeney, James, Johnson. Henry Moore. $20.00
Sweeney, John L. The Painters Eye. Henry James. $45.00
Swift, Jonathan. Illustrated b Gullivers Travels. $50.00
Swinburne, Algernon. Songs before Sunrise. $850.00
Swinburne, Algernon Charles. A Song of Italy. $350.00
Swinnerton, Frank The Bookman's London. An Affectiona $35.00
Symons, Julian. The Man Who Killed Himself. $15.00
Symons. Julian. The Players and The Game. $15.00
Symons. Julian A Three Pipe Problem. $40.00
Tanhauser, Si. Long Island Poe Songs Of Horticulture. $20.00
Tapply , William The Marine Corpse. $20.00
Tapply , William The Vulgar Boatman $20.00
Tapply, William G. Death At Charity's Point. $175.00
Targ, William. Bouillabaisse For The Bibliophiles. $50.00
Tarkington, Booth. The Fascinating Stranger and Other $150.00
Tarkington, Booth Penrod Jashber. $200.00
Tarkington, Booth. Penrod Jashber. ( autographed Copy. $100.00
Tarkington, Booth. Penrod Jashber. Illustrated by Gord $150.00
Tarkington, Booth Presenting  Lily Mars. $45.00
Tax,E.H. The Wraith Of Gawain. ( Presentatio $1,250.00
Taylor , Bayard The Story Of Kennett $20.00
Taylor , Bayard The Story Of Kennett $20.00
Taylor, Edward DeWitt. This Fortunate  Man. $10.00
Taylor, Phoebe Atwood. The Perennnial Border. An Asey Mayo $75.00
Tchehov, Anton. The Wood Demon. A Comedy in Four Ac $45.00
Tellier , Andre Twlight Men: The story Of A Homosex $20.00
Temple , Laurance. The Shining Brother. $20.00
Tennyson, Alfred Lord. Demeter And Other Poems. $75.00
Thane, Elswyth. Melody. $50.00
Thaw, Harry K. The Traitor. ( The Stanford White I $75.00
Thayer, Lee. No Holiday For Death. ( Signed Copy $75.00
Thayer , Lee. The Scrimshaw Millions. $125.00
Thayer , William M. reverend. Communion Wine  and Bible Temperanc $25.00
By Themselves. What The Boys Did Overthere $15.00
Thomas, Dylan. Adventures In The Skin Trade. $425.00
Thomas, Dylan. In Country Sleep. $150.00
Thomas, Dylan. Portrait Of The Artist As A Young D $35.00
Thomas, Dylan. A Prospect of The Sea: Stories And $225.00
Thomas, Dylan Quite Early One Morning. $50.00
Thomas, Dylan. The Selected Writings of Dylan Thom $225.00
Thomas, Joan Gale. If Jesus Came To My House. Illustra $75.00
Thomas. Maude M. Black Diamonds. Coal Mining. $15.00
Thomas, Ross. The Money Harvest. $45.00
Thompson, Kay. Miss Pooky Peckinpaugh. $30.00
Thompson, lillian B. &  Hubbar The Love Doctor. $50.00
Thompson, Ruth Plumly. Handy Mandy In Oz. illustrated by J $200.00
Thompson , Thomas. Broken Valley. $35.00
Thoreau, Henry. Autumn. $300.00
Thurber, James. Further Fables Of Our Tme. $75.00
Thurber, James Men, Women And Dogs. $50.00
Thurber, James. The Wonderful O. illustrated by Mar $35.00
Tilden, William T. How To Play Better Tennis: A Comple $50.00
Todd, Charles B. A Brief History of The City of New $20.00
Todd, Charles B. A Brief History of The City of New $20.00
Toklas, Alice B. The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book. $85.00
Tompert, Ann. Little Fox Goes To The End Of The W $20.00
Tompert , Ann. Little Otter Remembers And Other St $35.00
Torres, Tereska. The Only Reason. $20.00
Torres, Tereska. The Only Reason. $20.00
Torrey, Marjorie. Penny. $25.00
Torrey, Marjorie Penny $35.00
Towle, Tony. North. $45.00
Towne, Charles Hanson The Shop Of  Dreams. ( Signed Copy) $20.00
Towne, Charles Hanson This New York Is Mine. $20.00
Towne , Morgan. Treasures in Truck and Trash. $10.00
Towns, Charles B. Habits That Handicap. $300.00
Townsend, Charles Wendell. Sand Dunes and Salt Marshes. $60.00
Tracy, Don. Cherokee $20.00
Tracy, T. H. The Book Of The Poodle. $25.00
Train, Arthur. His Children's Children. $50.00
Traubel, Helen. The Metropolitan Opera Murders. $25.00
Traubel, Helen. The Metropolitan Opera Murders. $50.00
Traven B. The Cotton Pickers. $35.00
Traver, Robert. Hornstein's Boy. $20.00
Travers, P.L. About The Sleeping Beauty. Illust. $30.00
Travers, P.L. The Fox In The Manger. $20.00
Travy, Honor The First Day Of Friday. $15.00
Trent , Christopher. Motoring On English Byways. $15.00
Trevor, Elleston The Shoot. $15.00
Trilling, Diana. Selected Letters Of D.H. Lawrence. $35.00
Trowbridge, John. Darius Green And His Flying Machine $45.00
Troy , Una. The Other End Of The Bridge. $10.00
Truman, Margaret. Murder In The White House $35.00
Tryon, Thomas. Harvest Home. ( Signed Copy ). $100.00
Tucci, Niccolo. Unfinished Funeral. $25.00
Tucker, Wilson. The City In The Sea. ( Signed Copy $175.00
Tumulty, Joseph P. Woodrow Wilson As I Know Him. $20.00
Tunis, John. Young Razzle. $35.00
Turkin & Thompson. The Official Encyclopedia Of Baseba $60.00
Turkin & Thompson. The Official Encyclopedia Of Baseba $50.00
Turnbull, Margaret. Looking After Sandy. $20.00
Turner, Gerry. Hide Out For A Horse. $15.00
Turow, Sctt. One L. $75.00
TV Guide Editors. TV Guide Roundup. $20.00
Twain, Mark. 1601: Conversation As It Was By The $25.00
Tydings, Millard E. Before and After Prohibition. $15.00
Tyler, Anne. The Accidental Tourist. $25.00
Tyler, Parker. Magic And Myth Of The movies. $20.00
Tynan, Kathleen AGATHA. $12.00
Ulmann, Albert. A Landmark History of New York. $20.00
Ulmann, Albert. A Landmark History of New York. Als $35.00
Underwood, Wilbur. A Book Of Masks $25.00
Untermeyer , Louis. Long Feud. Selected Poems. $15.00
Updike , John. On The Farm. $45.00
Updike, John. Rabbit Run. $300.00
Upshaw, Helen. The Return Of Jennifer. $20.00
Vaile, P.A. Modern Tennis. $100.00
Val Baker, Denys. Little Reviews Anthology. $45.00
Valin , Jonathan. Life's Work. A Harry Stoner Novel. $25.00
Van Ash , Cay. The Fires Of Fu Manchu. $10.00
Van Der Bent , Teunis J. The Planning of Apartment Houses , $350.00
van der Zee , John. Stateline. $20.00
Van Doren,  Carl. Benjamin Franklin. $25.00
van Druten, John. The Vicarious Years. $20.00
Van Dyke , Henry. The Broken Soldier And The Maid Of $20.00
Van Gulick, Robert. Poets and Murder. $35.00
Van Peebles, Melvin A Bear For The F.B.I. $175.00
Van Peebles , Melvin. A Bear For The F.B.I. $20.00
Van Vechten , Carl. Music And bad Manners. Signed Copy. $50.00
van Vogt, A.E. The Book Of Ptath. $75.00
van Vogt, A.E. Empire Of The Atom. $150.00
Van Vogt, A.E. The World Of Null-A. $35.00
Van de Water , Frederic F. Still Waters. $75.00
Van Woerkom, Dorothy. Hidden Messages. $20.00
Vance, Jack. Alastor: The Complete Saga of Alast $25.00
Vance, Jack. The Big Planet. $75.00
Vance,Jack. The Complete Magnus Ridolph. $85.00
Vance,Jack. Durdane I : The Faceless Man. $45.00
Vance,Jack. Durdane II : The Brave Free Men. $45.00
Vance,Jack. Durdane III : The Asutra. $40.00
Vance , Jack. Light From A Lonestar. $250.00
Vance,Jack. Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden. $85.00
Vance, Jack. The Palace Of Love. $75.00
Vance, Jack. Space Opera. $45.00
Vance,Jack. Tschai: Book II: Servants of The Wa $35.00
Vanderbilt, Cornelius. Jr. Farewell To Fifth Avenue. ( Signed $35.00
Varley, John. Titan. $75.00
Vaughan, Carter A. The Seneca Hostage. $35.00
Vaughan, Robert. The Valkyrie Mandate. $20.00
De Vegh, Elizabeth. A Knot Of Roots. $20.00
Vercors. The Silence Of The Sea. $15.00
Verne, Jules. Dr. Ox's Experiment. Illustrated by $45.00
Verne,Jules. Dr. Ox's Experiment. intro. by Will $40.00
Verrill, A. Hyatt. The Bridge Of Light. $50.00
Vestal, Stanley. Short Grass Country. $40.00
Vidal, Gore. The Judgement Of Paris. $75.00
de Vilallonga, Jose Luis. The Pleasure Seeker. $15.00
Villa, Jose Garcia. A Celebration for Edith Sitwell on $20.00
Villa, Silvio. Ultra Violet Tales. $35.00
Villiard, Paul. Reptiles As Pets. $35.00
Villiers, A.J. Whaling In The Frozen South. The St $25.00
Villiers, A.J. Whaling In The Frozen South. Being $25.00
Vinge, Joan. The Snowqueen. $85.00
Vinge, Vernor. A Fire Upon The Deep. $75.00
Vinge , Vernor A Fire Upon The Deep. $75.00
Vischer, A.L. Old Age: It's Compensations and Rew $10.00
Vivian, E. Charles. Fields of Sleep. $45.00
Von Hoffman, Nicholas. Mississippi Notebook. $30.00
von Hoffman, nicholas. Mississippi Notebook.Photographs by $30.00
Vonnegut, Kurt. Slaughterhouse Five. The Childrens $750.00
Vonnegut , Kurt. Wampeters Foma & Granfalloons. ( op $75.00
De Vries , Peter. The Vale Of Laughter. $15.00
Wade, Maty H. Tmid Hare. $20.00
Wainwright, Richard. Log of The US Gunboat Gloucester. $100.00
Waite, Arthur Edward. Shadows of Life And Thought. A Retr $350.00
Walden , Jane Brevoort. Igloo. Drawings by Diana Thorne. $20.00
Waldron,Ann. The Integration Of Mary - Larkin Th $25.00
Walker, Alice Her Blue Body Everything We Know. $175.00
Walker, Alice The Temple Of My Familiar. $150.00
Walker, James P. The Oriental Annual. ( 10 Steel Eng $100.00
Walker , Mary Willis. Under The Beetle's  Cellar. $15.00
Wall, Mervyn. The Unfortunate Fursey. $125.00
Wallace , Edgar. The Feathered Serpent. $125.00
Wallace, Graham. The Flight Of Alcock And Brown. 14 $30.00
Wallace, Lew. Ben Hur.  ( Photoplay edition ). $85.00
Wallace, Willard W. The Raiders. A Novel of The Civil W $15.00
Walling, R.A.J. The Spider And The Fly. $85.00
Walling, R.A.J. The spider & The Fly. $65.00
Walsh, Richard J. The Making Of Buffalo Bill. $100.00
Walsh, Thomas The Resurrection Man $25.00
Walters, L.D.O. The Years At The Spring.  An anthol $200.00
Walters, Marguerite. The Real Santa Claus. Illustrated b $20.00
Walthers, W.K. Handbook For Model Railroaders. $35.00
Walton, Evangeline. The Sword Is Forged. $20.00
Ward, E.M. The Luck Of Dolorous Tower. $20.00
Ward, Herbert Mr. Poilu: Notes And Sketches With $45.00
Ward, Mary Jane. The Snake Pit. $35.00
Warner, Charles Dudley My Winter On The Nile. $85.00
Warner, Charles Dudley. The Relation Of Literature To Life. $100.00
Warren, Joseph. Revenge. ( Photoplay edition ). $35.00
Warren, Robert Penn Segragation: The Inner Conflict In $15.00
Washington, Booker T. Up From Slavery. $225.00
Watney,John. Mervyn Peake. $35.00
Watson, Colin. Kissing Covens. $25.00
Watson, Colin. Kissing Covens. $25.00
Watson,Jane  Werner,. How To Tell Time. ( Little Golden A $20.00
Watson, Thomas E. Napoleon: A Sketch of His Life , Ch $15.00
Watson, William. Lachrymae Musarum. $35.00
Waugh , Evelyn. A Little Learning. An Autobiography $15.00
Waugh, Sidney. The Art Of Making Glass. $25.00
Waugh, Auberon. Path Of Dalliance $20.00
Waugh, Auberon. The Foxglove Saga. $50.00
Webster, Clarence. M. Town Meeting Country. $25.00
Webster, Jean. Daddy Long Legs.  ( Photoplay editi $50.00
Webster, M.Coates Derelict Alley $50.00
Webster , Noah jr. An American Selection of Lessons in $125.00
Weeks, Robert P. Hemingway: A Collection of Critical $15.00
Wehle , Robert G. Wing & Shot. Gun Dog Training. $45.00
Weinbaum, Stanley. A Martian Odyssey and Others. $75.00
Weiner, Ed. The Damon Runyon Story. $20.00
Weintraub, Stanley. editor. An Unfinished Novel by George Berna $65.00
Weiser, William J. The Space GuideBook. Revised, 1963. $15.00
Weiss, David The Guilt Makers. $35.00
Welch, James. Winter In The Blood. $125.00
Welles, Winifred. The Park That Spring Forgot. $40.00
Wellman , Paul. Death In The Desert: The Fify Years $25.00
Wells, Carolyn. Christmas Carollin. $10.00
Wells, Carolyn. The Eternal Feminine. $10.00
Wells, Carolyn. The Rubaiyat Of Bridge. $45.00
Wells. H.G. In The Days Of The Comet. $45.00
Wells, H.G. First And last Things. A Confession $35.00
Wells, H.G. The Outline Of History. ( 2 Volumes $100.00
Wells, H.G. Things To Come. ( Movie Stills edit $150.00
Wells, H.G. World Brain. $35.00
Wells, Rosmary. The Duke Of Plaza Toro. $20.00
Wells, Tobias. The Foo Dog. $20.00
Welty , Eudora. The Golden Apples. $275.00
Werfel, Franz. Star Of The Unborn. $35.00
Wertham , Frederic. Dark Legend. A Study In Murder. $35.00
West , James E. ( Boy Scouts O The Lone Scout Of The Sky. ( Boy Sc $40.00
West, Jessamyn Love, Death And The Ladies Drill Te $20.00
West, Rebecca. The Fountain Overflows. $10.00
Westall, William. A Very Queer Business & Other Stori $150.00
Westlake , Donald. Enough $20.00
Westlake, Donald. Good Behavior. ( Signed Limited Edi $45.00
Westlake, Donald. Good Behavior. ( Signed Limited Edi $45.00
Wetmore, Helen Cody & Grey, Za Last Of The Great Scouts.( Signed C $35.00
Wharton, Edith. Ethan Frome. Limited Editions Club. $50.00
Wharton,Edith. Hudson River Bracketed. $35.00
Wharton, Edith. Italian Villas and Their Gardens. $850.00
Wharton, Edith. The Old Maid. Dramatized by Zoe Aki $45.00
Wheeler, Ida Worden. Siegfried The Mystic. $85.00
Wheeler, Opal. Ludwig Beethoven And The Chiming To $45.00
Wherry, Joseph H. The Jaguar Story. $20.00
Whistler, Laurence. The Emperor Heart. Illustrated by R $20.00
White,E.B. The Fox Of Peapack and Other Poems. $1,500.00
White, E.B. The Points Of My Compass. $20.00
White , E.B. Stuart Little. $650.00
White, Gwen. A Book OF Pictorial Perspective. $60.00
White , T.H. The Elephant And The Kangaroo $40.00
White, Ted. No Time Like Tomorrow. $45.00
White, Ted. Secret Of The Marauder Satellite. $45.00
White, Ted. Trouble On Project Ceres. $20.00
White, Viola C. Not Faster Than A Walk. ( Signed Co $45.00
Whitford , Frank. Egon Schiele. $40.00
Whitman, Walt. I Sit And Look Out. Editorials from $85.00
Whittaker, James. Run For Life. $15.00
Wiate , Arthur Edward. Shadows Of Life and Thought. $425.00
Wibberley, Leonard. The Time Of The Lamb. $15.00
Wiggin , Kate Douglas. New Chronicles Of Rebecca. $25.00
Wiggin, Kate Douglas. Rebecca Of SunnyBrook Farm. $35.00
Wightman , Richard The Things He Wrote To Her. $15.00
Wilde, Oscar. The Happy Prince and Other Tales. $45.00
Wilde, Oscar. Intentions. Essays. $35.00
Wilder, Louise Beebe. Adventures in A Suburban Garden. $20.00
Wilhelm , Kate. Fault Lines. $25.00
Wilhelm, Kate. The Killer Thing. $45.00
Wilhelm, Kate. Let The Fire fall. $45.00
Wilkinson, Sylvia. A Killing Frost. $35.00
Willaimson, Thames. Far North Country. $40.00
Willamson, Jack. Darker Than You Think. $45.00
Willeford, Charles. The Machine in Ward Eleven. $50.00
Willeford, Charles. Sideswipe. $40.00
Williams , J.R. Tame The Wild Stallion. $45.00
Williams , Jay. Eagle Jake And Indian Pete. $45.00
Williams, Jay & Abrashkin, Ray Danny Dunn On The Ocean Floor. $25.00
Williams, Jay & Abrashkin, Ray Danny Runn and The Voice From Space $10.00
Williams, John. A. Sissie. $75.00
Williams, S. Wells. The Middle Kingdom. A Survey of The $100.00
Williams, Tennessee. The Knightly Quest. $75.00
Williams, Tennessee. Sweet Bird Of Youth. $85.00
Williams, Walter Jon Facets. $20.00
Williams, Walter Jon. Frankenstein's And Other Foreign De $50.00
Williams, William Carlos. The Broken Span. ( Poet of The Mont $45.00
Williams, William Carlos. A Voyage To Pagany. $25.00
Williams & Williams. The Story Of Hollywood. $20.00
Williamsom , Jack. Darker Than You Think. ( Signed Cop $125.00
Williamson, Jack. Dragons Island. $45.00
Williamson, Jack. The Early Williamson. ( SIGNED COPY $45.00
Williamson, Jack. The Early Williamson. ( Signed Copy $45.00
Williamson , Jack. The Legion Of Space. ( Signed Copy $75.00
Williamson, Jack. The Moon Children. $35.00
Williamson, Jack. Seetee Ship. ( Signed Copy ). $175.00
Williamson, Jack. Undersea City. ( Signed Copy ). $50.00
Williamson, Jack & Gunn , Jame Star Bridge. $45.00
Williamson, Margaret. The First Book Of Bugs. $15.00
Willingham , Calder. The Gates Of Hell. $50.00
Willis, Connie. Remake. ( Signed , Limited Edition $40.00
Willis , Ted. Man-Eater. $10.00
Wilson, Alice. The Lutanist. $20.00
Wilson, Herbert Earl. The Lore & Lure Of  Yosemite. $20.00
Wilson, Herbert Earl. The Lore & Lure Of Yosemite. (Autog $40.00
Wilson, M.W.G. Garden Memories. Illustrated. $10.00
Wilstach , Paul. Along The Pyrenees. $20.00
Winfield, Arthur M. The Rover Boys In Camp. $20.00
Winsor, Frederick. illustrated The Space Childs Mother Goose. $250.00
Winston, Robert A. Dive Bomber. $45.00
Winterbotham, F.W. The Ultra Secret. $10.00
Winterbotham, Russ. The Space Egg. $25.00
Winterfeld, Henry. Castaways In Lilliput. $20.00
Wise, David & Ross , Thomas B. The U -2 Affair. $20.00
Wlson, Lionel. The Mule Who Refused To Budge. $25.00
Wodehouse, P.G. French Leave. $35.00
Wodehouse, P.G. French Leave. $35.00
Wodehouse, P.G. Meet Mr. Mulliner. $35.00
Wodehouse , P.G. No NUdes Is Good Nudes. $35.00
Wodehouse, P.G. Psmith Journalist. $35.00
Wodehouse, P.G. Right Ho , Jeeves. $75.00
Wodehouse, P.G. A Wodehouse Bestiary. $20.00
Wodehouse, P.G. The Brinkmanship Of Galahad Threepw $75.00
Wolf, Gary K. Killerbowl. $20.00
Wolfe, Gene. The Citadel Of The Autarch. (Signed $45.00
Wolfe, Gene. The Claw If The Conciliator. ( Sign $50.00
Wolfe, Gene. Free Live Free. ( Signed Limited ). $150.00
Wolfe , Gene. Planet Engineering. ( Signed  , Lim $100.00
Wolfe, Gene The Shadow  Of The  Torturer $100.00
Wolfe, Tom. The Right Stuff. $25.00
Wollheim , Donald. Prize Science Fiction. $35.00
Wollheim, Donald A. Terror in The Modern Vein. $20.00
Wollheim, Donald A. ( Signed C Operation Phantasy. The Best From T $85.00
Wons, Tony Tony Wons Scrap Book. 1933-34 editi $30.00
Wons , Tony Tony's Scrap Book. 1935-36 $35.00
Wons , Tony. Tony's Scrap Book. 1933-34 edition. $35.00
Woodman, Abby Johnson. Picturesque Alaska. Illustrated. $100.00
Woolcott, Alexander  & Kaufman The Dark Tower : A Melodrama. $50.00
Woolrich, Cornell Rendezvous In Black. $300.00
Worth , Jacques. The New Butterick Dressmaker. $20.00
Wright, Eric. Smoke Detector. A Charlie Salter My $25.00
Wright, S. Fowler. Spiders War. $25.00
Wright, S. Fowler. The World Below. ( Signed Copy ). $85.00
Wulff , Lee. Sports Photography. $20.00
Wyckoff, James. Slater's Book. $20.00
Wykes, Alan. Persuit Till Mornng. $45.00
Wylie, Elinor The Collected Prose. $25.00
yardley, Herbert O. Red Sun Of Nippon $150.00
Yeats, W.B. The Dolman Press Yeats.Centenary Pa $275.00
The Yellow Series. The Anglers NoteBook and Naturalist $475.00
Yellow Series. The Angler's Notebook and Naturalis $250.00
Yevtushenko, Yevgeny. Yevtushenko's Poems. $35.00
Yolen , Jane. Hearts Blood. $35.00
Yolen , Jane. Hearts Blood. $35.00
Yolen , Jane. Hearts Blood. $35.00
Yonge, Samuel H. The Site Of Old " James Towne ". 16 $35.00
Yoshimoto, Banana. Kitchen. $25.00
Young, Carter Travis. Winter Of The Coup. $25.00
Young, Miriam. A Bear Named George. $30.00
Young, Philip. Ernest Hemingway. $35.00
Young, Rida Johnson. Little Old New York. $35.00
Young , Whitney M. Jr. To Be Equal. ( SIGNED COPY ). $75.00
Youngs, Mary Fanny. When We Were Little. Illustrated by $25.00
Yount , John. Wolf At The Door. $20.00
Zaidenberg, Arthur. The Draw Anything Book. $30.00
Zarro , Richard A. The King Of Numbers. $20.00
Zebrowski, George. Macrolife. ( Signed Limited edition $75.00
Zelasny, Roger. The Courts Of Chaos. $35.00
Zelasny, Roger. The Courts Of Chaos. $35.00
Zelazny,Roger. The Changing Land. ( Signed Copy ). $85.00
Zelazny, Roger. The Courts Of Chaos. ( Signed Copy $100.00
Zelazny, Roger. Damnation Alley. ( Photoplay editio $45.00
Zelazny, Roger. To Die In Italbar. $35.00
Zelazny , Roger. Madwand. ( Signed Limited Edition ) $50.00
Zelazny, Roger. Sign Of The Unicorn. $100.00
Zelazny, Roger. Sign Of The Unicorn. $85.00
Zelazny, Roger Trumps Of Doom. ( Signed & Limited $85.00
Zelazny, Roger. editior. Nebula Award Stories Three. $35.00
Zeldis , Chayym. Streams In The Wilderness. $10.00
Zinsser, William K. Any Old Place With You. $40.00
Zochart, Donald. Murder In The Hellfire Club. $20.00